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In case anyone is not aware, this hilarious masterpiece is now streaming again on Hulu! I happened to find it yesterday and it made work fly by.

Any update OP?

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I’d love to take her!! I’ve been looking for a second dog and she seems like a perfect fit for our family!

I sent you a PM.

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I need this to happen! Keep is updated!

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A mental asylum in Kosovo.

I was an aid worker in Kosovo just after the conflict, when we heard of two women who had taken over the asylum as the staff had abandoned it. It still held over 200 severely mentally ill patients (male and female) at the time.

The money and supplies had stopped a couple of years before and these women were running it as best they could. There was no electricity, heat or even running water. Food was little more than gruel. They were struggling to keep the male and female patients apart as patient on patient rapes were not uncommon. The patients clothes were nothing more than rags that didnt cover anything.

The floorboards on the ground floor had been removed and burnt to provide heat, so you had to use torches to walk from floor beam to floor beam.

We arrived in the evening and toured the place as it was getting dark. It was like a setting from Resident Evil and it stank to high heaven

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What a nightmare. Was there any way you help or aid to obtain?

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Now you've said that word "implication" a couple of times. What implication?

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If she says no then of course, the answer is no, but she's not going to say no...because of the implication

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I am a wish kid and for a summer I interned at make a wish. My very last day there, there was a little girl who really wanted to go to SeaWorld. They had been trying all summer to make it work and finally her doctor said that she didn't have enough strength to get on a plane to go. Make-a-Wish workers, volunteers and SeaWorld bent over backwards to make something happen for this little girl. They put on a private show before SeaWorld open to the public for her. I had her name in lights, the trainers talk to her over Skype, it was amazing. She died later that day.

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Fuck. That made me ugly cry.

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Anything to give Cricket more screen time! Criminally underused this season, although he’s still got the moves.

“I forgot my latin, don’t worry, I can fake it. I can fake anything, on the streets you gotta fake, the guys that don’t fake, their the ones who get it the worst.”

“Sometimes, well sometimes you don’t fake, because it’s so good.”

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We own a chocolate lab and we often quote "I got into a skirmish with a stray Chocolate Lab. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say that dog is very paralyzed now.” 

The next Democratic (both party and elected) president needs toake Obama our Secretary of State.

We need the best diplomacy possible to fix this shit show.

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God, that would be amazing

I hope that France, our best friends and longest allies, forgive us when this is over. Our president is a fucking lunatic and is backed by redneck racists and evil, greedy, lizard people.

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There was the initial motorist and then several subsequent motorists; my grandfather negotiated for them to be tried separately from the initial motorist but to hold equal responsibility amongst themselves, providing that they would face a lighter charge. (So Motorist #6 would be as guilty as Motorist #2, but Motorist #2 could not be as guilty as Motorist #1.)

Then the initial motorist took a plea bargain, and a lesser plea and settlement was reached for the rest. This was more or less my grandfather’s goal – to reduce the culpability of all to ensure all were held liable. He was not one for dramatic sentences or massive payouts – just justice.

The case was further complicated by the fact that the baby was placed in the road by a group of neighborhood children from several different families. A settlement was negotiated there, too, in which the amount owed by each family was determined by the age(s) of their child(ren) and how many were involved.

This happened in the ‘40s; I wonder how differently it might be held today.

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Jesus Christ! Children stole a baby and put it in the road??

I wish liquid lipsticks would die, I hate seeing dry, dehydrated, crusty lips.

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Same! I have a few matte ones I love the color of but dried out lips look so gross. I just balm under them.

Op (whom I also talked to on fb) I went out of my way to go here today!

My eyes appear to be leaking. I use that BP a lot and now I will go out of my way to go there

You’re going to be so chapped by the time you work your way through this.

I just know if I touched that belly I would die.

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I guess I should have provided some additional backstory in the caption. My grandfather is a WWII veteran who got along famously with my husband, who was a fighter pilot. They shared war stories like they were there together, but they fought more than seventy years apart. My husband committed suicide just under a year ago and was buried with full military honors at his alma mater, the US Air Force Academy, coincidentally in my home town.

I’m tucked into the front row somewhere. The Air Force filmed the funeral for us and sent it to me. My grandfather stood up to render his salute but was interrupted from a mistimed flyover from our squadron. It sounds like a movie, almost comically timed to interrupt one of the most poignant moments of my life, but here it is, a screenshot from the video.

My number one hero saluting my number one hero, one last time.

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I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you are doing Okay.

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It represents Mac's desire to desire/love women (which is why he visualizes God as a woman); God is important to Mac and God being a woman who tells him 'it's okay' at the end of the performance is God telling him it's okay that he loves men, that she recognizes his love for her (as God), as well as his sexuality and does not reject him because of it. The first act Mac and God part ways and look forlorn because Mac feels as though he has sinned due to his inability to love women in that manner; the second act is God letting Mac know that it is okay to be as he is, that he can still be a Godly man as a gay man.

Edit: Reddit Platinum ... excuse me while I put Mac's Dance Scene on repeat and cry. Thank you, you beautiful stranger. <3

Edit Edit: GOLD? Ya'll, Reddit Stranger, thank you for yeeting this gold my way.

Edit Edit Edit: Platinum again? I don't know what to do with all this reddit love. <3

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I just had to read this aloud to my husband. He and I were like “derrr I don’t understand”. Thanks stranger!

Lovely picture. Would it be weird to use this as a background wallpaper?

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It’s my background so not weird

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Is that a /r/torties I see? Hard to tell from this distance

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Watching my son’s friend tonight. 10 week early premie. He’s 4 now. busy and smart and completely on track with peers.

Holy fucking shit. That looks like The end of the world. So glad you are out OP.

Gorgeous baby. Stop what you are doing and get her comfy!

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