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What a cool thing to collect. I might start getting into cards more!

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This a bait account

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Wait rlly

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for context, this happened at university prep high school in visalia ca today. a classmate of my sons took this video. yeah, she's fired for sure. when admin went to confront her about this after all the kids ran out she was practically screaming the national anthem

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Do you know the context leading up to this point?

He was my second. Kanye was my first

Love the Calvin and Hobbes one.

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Well if this is an absolutelynotme_irl meme and the bottom says “cannot upvote” it’s a double negative and this post doesn’t make sense on this subreddit.

Edit. r/woooosh

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Only people with crippling depression can like this

He cannot like it → He has no crippling depression

Not having crippling depression → Absolutely not me irl

You see it's a triple negative

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Fuck. I’m gonna go ahead and wooosh myself real quick.

Does anyone know what pants to wear with a jean jacket as well as what to layer it with on top

Bro they will get so fucking drunk

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Jesus loves you.

I want your jacket just based on the sleeve cuff

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It's a very nice track jacket! Not sure but you can maybe find it online. Here's the name of the product and a picture

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Damn thanks dude

He’s so happy!

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