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Ah I posted this a few days ago to no avail. I have since deleted it though, feel free to take the glory.

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So this thread is Reddit's daily catalyst to hate on Japan?

Thread predictions:

  • 12 mentions of Nanking

  • "Germany apologized, Japan didn't" narrative.

  • Yasukuni x 3

  • Comfort women comments from Korean Americans who ignore the fact that it's cabal government misused Japan's multiple reparations and considered previous agreements to be "final".

  • Americans with some sociopathic satisfaction over killing 300-500k Japanese civilians through fire/nuclear bombings.

  • Textbooks

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To be fair I do find the hate train kinda ridiculous. It’s a bit like ok sure the Japanese Government fails to acknowledge Nanking, but grow the fuck up it happened 80 years ago. It is the past, why do the Japanese have to keep apologising for it now? Furthemore can people at least accept the fact that whilst war crimes did happen, the people who are in power are not responsible for them so there is no need for them to apologise for something they did not do. Whilst they could at least acknowledge it, people give it far more hate than it deserves.

I just got a code 3 days ago. Kinda unfortunate for me considering I paid $15 for an account lol. But yeah I applied around May / June. It has a lot to do with your location and how many people in your location are applying.

Oh yeah it really depends on what location you are in....

Took me 7 months lmao

I know this may not help, but I also had this issue. I reset my router, and restarted the app a couple times. I only had that on my first day of using GeForce NOW and I haven’t had it since.

Dang I really hope this gets the upvotes it needs to get into LWIAY, would love to see his reaction to this.

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Order a nuclear strike on the gym, post the aftermath on FB, get three cats in the rubble.

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Increase Global tensions to the point at which Mutually Assured Destruction is ensured, and destroy the fucking world (including the gym), make the final Facebook post before the nuclear fallout and address it to your wife, save the cats and have them as companions for life.

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Mutually Assured Destruction is already assured, now you want to ensure it too?!

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I do indeed. Don’t question my top quality English.

Huh I looked at this yesterday a bit like what I have no idea why this is funny. Fast forward to today and now I understand lol.

The metal cell walls and floor was filled with tiny indents, one per day. That makes for a grand total of 72,999 markings in total. One left to go.

"You can't be serious. He's a menace to society!"

"Sorry son, the laws the law. 23 more hours and he'll be a free man."

"Nobody finds it odd that he's been here after 200 years?! Nobody wants to look into that at all?" The officers voice filled with anger.

"My great grandpa was the warden, my grandpa after, my father skipped the business, but it's come onto me. That man has been here that whole time. 200 years. Of fucking course we're confused, but what do we do? Have him interrogated? Have him shot? We're here to uphold the law Garr. Now do your job"

Garr stormed off towards prisoner 13's cell. The secure metal door and a few more hours were the only things keeping that monster from freedom.

Garr approached the cell door. He questioned everything he valued during his approach.

If a man like this can just go free, does the law even matter? Why do what I do?

I listened intently from inside my cell, anticipating my freedom. I could hear Garr outside, pacing back and forth, probably questioning his sanity as always.

"Hey Garr! Keep it down I'm trying to stay excited until tomorrow." I yelled towards the door.

"Shut it 13! I still got one more day with ya', so don't bust my balls"

"Whatcha thinkin' about Garr? Is it me? I bet it is. That's awfully sweet of ya'"

"I told you to shut the hell up! I'll come in there!" Garr's voice rose

"You'd do that for me? I always like company" I replied.

Garr began beating on the door with his fists. A rythmic and metallic banging that slowly subsided. I could hear his heavy breathing from the other side of the cell. His footsteps echoed off down the far side of the hall.

I never thought I'd wind up here, or at least here for so long. 200 years was a long time to think about a crime that I didn't care that I had committed anyways.

200 years, maximum security, for the gruesome murders of Alistar Banes, Johnny Clement, and Clarise Baxter the memory played in my head. Jokes on them. Everyone in that courtroom has been dead for the last 130 years.

I'll admit to killing them, I never was one for fibbing anyways. My dad did always say, "Was born a gambler, thief, and a cheater, but at least I'm honest". Sometimes I thought of him fondly, ole' Alistar, but I had to do what I did.

"Gruesome murders" was a rudimentary recollection of what I had acheived that day. I didn't know it at the time, but I gained what all men seek. Eternital life, if you're willing to get your hands dirty. Only problem was the ritual had to be set every 175 years, go figure.

I was wasting away. The way I see it I need to reset myself as soon as possible. Garr was an obvious choice, the Warden second, I had a pretty good spread from there. Officers, desk jockeys, various staff.

Footsteps approached my cell. It was still to early for my release, but the thought of a visitor excited me, regardless of who. A cold, yet familiar voice spoke from the other side of the cell door.

"I don't care if you'll be a "free" man soon. I don't care what the Warden says. I won't let you leave this prison with your life 13."

Keys jingled against the door, and the latch clicked open.

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Part 2!!!

That's Chinese/mandarin. Now, don't say I'm a retard. I know because I learned the damn language.

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The entirety of Japanese Kanji is based on Mandarin.

Its not Noisy: うるさい Women: 女性

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うるさい means shut up. Don’t trust Google Translate so easily...

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Hi, now that you’re a mod I don’t suppose you might be looking for any help? Whilst I have never moderated before, I would like to try getting into it! I have been using the GeForce Now service for a while and I also love it, using it similarly to you 2 or 3 times a week. I am very active on Reddit, can respond to any questions quickly, and would be happy to help you with the redesign. Furthermore I share the ideals you have of not using the subreddit as a form of an online marketplace, but more as a support forum.

Of course I understand if my lack of experience as a moderator wouldn’t make me a good candidate, but as I have said before I want to get into moderating and feel as though this might be my best chance.

Thank you.

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

Wow thats quite the interesting perspective, I actually like it alot thanks

Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

My goodness, thank you so much! This is amazing! And as for thanking me, I should be thanking you this is everything I asked for and more!

I will definitely follow you for future reference!

Again, thank you!

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I'll save this for future reference - thanks

How much is your starting price?

Original Poster1 point · 4 months ago

$25 for the account

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That seems like a fair price.

Why the difference in price between the account and codes, not trying to say you aren’t legit or anything, just wondering why?

Damn, this is super nice, thanks for sharing! What skis are you using?


I have a UK switch, but I recently made a Japanese account so I have access to that Estore. I was wondering obviously if there are any good games on the Japanese Switch E-Store that are exclusively to the Japanese E-Store?, regardless of language as I speak both anyway. Thanks!

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No not at all. I am from Germany and I am always in awe of people who learned an Asian language like Japanese as Westerners.

It's maybe totally unrelated, but my parents came from Sri Lanka and I used to speak Tamil as a child. (I think you have quite a few of my people in the UK, too 😀). I always thought about somehow learning it again. I never learned how to write and the Tamil language has tons of letters/symbols. I imagine learning Japanese symbols must be a pain, too.

Edit: The way I learned English as many other non-native speakers here, too, was by immersing myself in English media everyday. I used to watch a lot of Starcraft 2 commentary videos on Youtube as a young teenager.

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Wow that’s actually a pretty interesting story. I’ve never been to Sri Lanka, although maybe I will go one day? Who knows? As a child who was growing up in Tokyo, I had the same situation really. I knew how to speak pretty well, but I couldn’t really write for my first 3 years of living there. It took me the full final two years to get somewhere, and I have been practicing since (obviously not quite at the same rate as I was practicing before!) to get to where I am today! I mean I have no idea about Tamil, but with Japanese the useful thing about learning the characters for me at least was that Hiragana (Japanese basic alphabet), and Katakana (Japanese alphabet pretty much for words taken from English) are in my opinion super easy and can be learnt fully if you focus on them in 3 days or less. So in that respect, those two aren’t really a pain. Only becomes a pain when it comes to learning Kanji, which to be honest is just about grinding out the hours to learn as much a possible! Obviously there are thousands, therefore, for me, it’s just a permanent learning process.... Is Tamil any similar? Also are you considering learning Japanese? You could, it’s certainly not impossible to learn without immersion!

How long did it take for you? Did you live in Japan. I think it makes it so much easier to actually talk the language.

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Yeah this is super true. I’m originally British, but I lived in Tokyo for 5 years and learned it there. I could not agree more with what u/SlimeStack said about immersion. Are you a native speaker?

Lol I checked like 3 weeks ago, and it was $30 I should’ve bought it then...


So are we actually going to something about Russia and Putin beyond stern words? Let's start heavily sanctioning some oligarchs who hide their money here.

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I mean, I don’t really see what the oligarchs who “hide their money here” have to do with tragic British death(s) inadvertently ordered by Putin. If we punish innocent people, then we are just as bad. This sounds like an extremely ignorant comment, and you need to even consider that perhaps some are here after being shunned by their country, I mean if they were really patriotic, wouldn’t they just store their money in Russia significantly boosting their economy.

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I don’t really see what the oligarchs who “hide their money here” have to do with tragic British death(s) inadvertently ordered by Putin. If we punish innocent people, then we are just as bad.

The Oligarchs aren't exactly clean to begin with. I mean, you started that point with "hiding their money". Sure, they're not responsible for the actions of the Russian state, but they're integral to its operation.

No-one's particularly innocent in this, except the victims.

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I couldn’t agree more with that last part

If this is not a mod, you deserve mod for this post. It should be pinned.

They no longer give away codes. This is because of an exploit they now have a surplus of users. Therefore, the only way now to get it is from waiting.

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