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Since my last post like this was so well received and since a lot of people requested more pictures, I decided buy some more pieces to make another one. Like last time, here's a behind the scenes of how I shot this.. Unlike last time, this picture took a little post process editing. I changed the eyebrow color from red to black and I removed the trans-clear piece holding the butterfly piece. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as my last. I have another package in the mail for another photo so keep an eye out for that!

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

I’d buy it as a print

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If you're serious about wanting a print for personal use, I don't have any kind of storefront set up so feel free to make your own if you have the means:)

I want that Lego male face 😂 I've never seen it before

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The theme park and planet Batuu were decided before Thrawn: Alliances. Thrawn included it as advertising.

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Alright, but the book talks a lot about its importance. I think Zahn worked pretty closely with the canon guys.

Probably, I was just correcting your statement that they based the theme park off the book, when the theme park stuff was announced several months before the second thrawn book.

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IIRC the planet was mentioned in some canon star map somewhere and it was thought to relate to rogue one because that's about when it came out. I'm 99% sure though it's in 9, and if it pulls anything from the Thrawn books I'll be happy :)

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Hi PCMR. I've been debating upgrading my PC for about a year now. I've had this guy for 5/6 years and have only upgraded it when a part failed. Parts like my psu/cpu and ram have been in the pc since the beginning and I've had this computer on for 8 hours a day for the past 5/6 years. I use it more then anything else and I can certainly justify the cost of an upgrade but I'd like some advice if all my logic is sound.

My current build: -AMD 8320 -Crucial Ballistix Tactical Low Profile 8GB Single DDR3-1600 -Asus m5a97 -Sapphire nitro rx580 8gb -a few hdds an ssd -old coolermaster 212 -seasonic 620 bronze

My two goals for upgrading my rig would be to play Arma 3 online at a 3x improvement (currently 15fps on big servers) and to get a cheap mixed reality VR set and try some driving/flying sims. I do a bit of software like Unity3D or Premier so improvements there would be nice too. I love my AMD chip and he's my best friend, but I want to swap to an Intel cpu this time around since I gotta upgrade my cpu/ram/mobo if I want anything new. Also it's my understanding Intel has better single core speeds.

The next decision is probably the biggest and it's which CPU to get. I really hate the idea of a radiator and I don't really want to mess with OCing much so the K versions of chips kind of seem like a waste to me (correct me if that's wrong). I really like the coffee lake line because of their lower power draws and HUGE single core speeds. After using the 8320 for 6 years I've seen just how important a high single core speed is. I've been considering the 8400/8500/8700 and 8700k if I really want to go crazy. About a month ago I made a spreadsheet with all the coffee lake cpu's and thier current best sales. I was able to draw a few conclusions but nothing to convince me to pick one. Also are the new Intel 9000 cpus pretty safe to ignore? I'd love any advice on the cpu stuff because I've only ever used the 8320.

The next thing is will a rx580 be out of balance with a top tier intel cpu like an 8700? I don't want to upgrade my 580 because I just got it and over payed for it too. I'm pretty happy with my 1080 60fps but whats important to me is my cpu will last me 5-10 years of games. I know it's hard to project what games will be like in that time, but I did it with the 8320 which was a budget cpu at the time. I don't follow cpu economics very closely but do people project the newish Ryzen competition will drive the cpu improvements really far and thus shortening the practicalness of current generation cpus?

I'm sure my seasonic 620 will work with anything I get. It's 5 years old but I love its reliability. My evga one exploded the first week and almost turned me off of building pcs. Is it a bad idea using an 'old' psu like this in a new build?

I realize I will need to get new ram. I'd figure getting something like ddr4 3000. Unless that's a bad idea for some reason.

Depending on the cpu I'm considering two motherboards. For a 8700k I'd get an Asrock Extreme 4. For anything lower I'd get an MSI z370-a pro. I pick these two because of their price. Any tips here would be helpful.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if any of my logic is off or if I'm forgetting something. I love computers and the fact I'm able to recycle components that I've been using on a daily bases for 5 years.


You need a tl;dr. Besides that, the mobo really only matters according to how much you really wanna oc your stuff. I'm sure some may say different but besides a few extra nik-naks the expensive mobos won't do you any better if you plan on keeping stuff stock speed.

An 8700 will be fast enough for what you're wanting. It runs games well and won't be the bottleneck for that rx580. As far as your ram goes, if you aren't gonna put even an XMP profile on it then really any ram at 2400 speed is fine.

I think that's everything.....

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Great thanks. Is there any reason I should wait on the upgrade? Do you think anything will change anytime soon?

on tape

Did we just go back to the 90s?

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Yeah I got you! I got this on camera!

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Ha! I found this thing a few weeks ago in my old storage unit. I didn't realise that they were so cherished.

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Are these things cherished? I have one from my dad after he passed I think it's a vw sedan of some sort and he kept it for 30 years. My mom mentioned how proud she was of him several times throughout my life for buying it and fixing the problem so when I found it after he died I decided to keep it.

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Wait what. They’re returning the clone wars?

Edit: That actually is gonna make me cry. I can’t believe they’re doing that. I can’t tell you how much joy this brings me

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They also making a Mandalorian live action TV show.

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Your arrogance blinds you Master Yoda

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Full album Sebulba's Podracer --> http://imgur.com/gallery/j0FDzLH

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These are both amazing!!

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Hey all, I took this with a D500 + 300 PF at 1/4000 f/4.5 and ISO 1,250. I get a decent number of questions about post processing images, so I wrote up a short step by step blog post of how I go from opening the RAW to the final result in terms of what type of things I'm looking for when handling noise reduction vs sharpening. Since this was taken with Nikon gear and I use Nikon Capture NXD for RAW conversion, I figured this could be useful to some.

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Great photo. I'd love to try the quick draw combo some day.

Game runs well, and the admittedly miserable multiplayer experience while going from Beginning -> End of Story (trust me, it's a nightmare trying to advance in parallel with a friend) is offset by the fact that the endgame is pretty good right now on PC, and we're going to see the next mob release in a week or so.

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Yeah the whole 'progress half way through a quest before you can fire an SOS' is annoying. Also the default controls I imagine would turn a lot of people off who don't like to change the controls. Been trying to get into monster hunter for years and this is the first one that's chewable for me so I'm happy.

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They want all players to see all cutscenes. They just did it like they're the first game on earth to do it and are still working out the kinks.

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*Walks into dark part of forest/desert/whatever*
*looks around*
*giant monster appears*

There's the campaign. I love this game:D

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The older Star Wars blasters are based on real weapons. Han Solo's is based on a Mauser C96 for example. They're all very old, though.

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Yeah but there isn't specific han blaster mold they are just generic space rifles/pistols/gas pump nozzels.

I'd argue that the Sopwith Camel is the closest; a full fat, real life fighter plane that fought in a war and killed 1200+ people.

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I've never seen this set! Yeah this is pretty racey for Lego I wish they'd do more. If not modern stuff at least consider more ww2 and ww1 stuff.

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Yeah I’m kinda fucked now idk anything anymore

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The key to grizzlies vs black bears is know where you are. If your in southern California and see a bear it's a black bear. If you're in Alaska you're probably much more knowledgeable about bears then me so what are you doing reading this comment.

what was the email header? i need to search it and feel bad

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That's a dangerous game to play.

Wow never knew other people did this as kids. It was honestly so cool to buy a little set, build it, then stare at the alternate builds and mini catalog posters/booklets. Every set felt special and encouraged you to imagine what that theme’s world was like.

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I don't know any other product that has as entertaining catalogues as Lego.

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Yah I know to never pet wild animals and never would. Can say I was tempted to still

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In addition to this they think they are very macho. So if you see one in a parking lot and think it will move out of your parking space it, it wont. It will take that as a challenge.

Kind of reminds me of the game FTL

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The layout is indeed inspired by FTL.

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I love FTL. I think a multiplayer game that takes concepts from FTL would be so much fun. Imagine having two ships of ~30 players against each other and you got a bunch of players with dedicated jobs like operating turrets, operating the doors,or siegeing the other mothership or defending the siege on your own mothership. I think if Star Citizen falls on hard times they should scrap the MMO and just make a multiplayer game like Blackwake. Sorry by the way if you have no idea/interest in what I'm talking about I'm just passionate about games.

By the way I like the Lego build, Although I don't know how much I like the 100% smooth floors for potential playability.

Some of the later episodes are a different aspect ratio. I don't know the details of when the aspect ratios change exactly, but Colombo spans like 30 years so there's quite a few aspect ratio changes.

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Leica is a good way to burn through some money. Though if you want to get really serious about spending money how about a Hasselblad H6D for £31,000 - and maybe a 35-90mm lens for £7,600.

But that's all small change compared to getting into cinema cameras and lenses. A Zeiss Canon-fit 15-30mm cinema lens is £18000. Or maybe a PL mount Fujinon 14.5-45mm for £100,000.

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Don't forget Hasselblad medium format stuff. Maybe get into some cinematography stuff. Edit: nvm you said Hasseblad I can't read


The problem was, in the 2010s Lego wasn't reaching many girls. Friends and Elves have been horrendously successful at bridging this gap.

You could easily argue that the problem is the sets with minifigs being so boy-focused (vehicles, conflict, police etc etc) rather than bringing in the lessons from Friends (character focus, animals, domestic ideas etc). Creator is perhaps the only range that isn't guilty of gendering.

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I think the friends/elves stuff didn't get popular until the current iteration of the "girl minifig". I think they found by young girl focus groups that the non articulating legs and the more human proportions were more appreciated.

Why would you want non articulating legs though

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Maybe because less mechanics to worry about makes it easier to place the minifigure on studs. Maybe little girls like that. I don't exactly know why, I just know that the remodel of the minifigure for girls was a big hit.

This trailer is great. Something like this could really look bad or feel plain but the different scenes and attention to detail bits really make it work. Hope you and your team find lots of success in life and in sales.

For some reason my parents really latched on to Surf’s Up. They still watch it and always recommend it to people 😂

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During the penguin cartoon craze Surfs Up was my family's favorite. Honestly of all the penguin cartoon movies, I think Surfs Up is the best. Even though of all the major penguin cartoons I'd say it's a pretty safe bet Surfs Up was least watched.

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