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Obligatory: This happened about 3 and half months ago.

I work as a management consultant at a firm where we travel to companies and businesses to improve their organization in certain areas. I won't get into the details of the work as it does not matter in this case.

I have been at the company (we'll call ABC for security) for about a week, meeting with the management team to gather information in order to start analyzing potential risk areas. Note the building that we are in has about a hundred plus employees, all for the same company. I have just finished an entire morning with my team and some of company ABC's managers/directors/VPs, I decided to take a short break to grab a coffee at the cafeteria downstairs. On my way to the elevator, a lady in her mid-40s (We'll call her CL, short for corporate lady, and M for me) called towards my direction, and it went like this.

CL: Hey, you, come here!

I completely ignored her as I didn’t think she was trying to get my attention, so I kept on walking towards the elevator. Now in my peripheral vision, I see the CL speed walking towards me and immediately got into my personal space in seconds.

CL: Hey junior, I’m talking to you! How dare you f---ing ignore me?!

Note that I am in my late 20s, but thanks to my Asian gene, I look like I’m 18 to 20. Which is probably why bouncers at bars always triple check my ID. My visitor pass is also clipped to my belt.

M: (thinking I misheard that she cussed at me) I’m sorry, what did you say?

CL: Are you as incompetent as you are deaf? Go to IT and let them know my computer is having issues with printing, and while you are at it, grab me some (forgot what supplies she wanted) from downstairs.

M: Sorry Miss, but I don’t work for you, I’m just trying to get a coffee.

CL: So f---ing what?? As an intern, you should be listening orders from all senior level people. Also, you shouldn’t be on coffee break when everybody else are working!!

M: Wait what? No, you don’t understand, I- (CL immediately cuts me off).

CL: Listen kid, you get that s--t done right now or I’m gonna report you to your manager for poor teamwork and ignoring helps of others.

M: First, you need to talk calmly and politely, then you need to understand that I don’t – (she cuts me off again)

CL: I’m the MANAGER, you are NOT! Now, I don’t want to hear your lazy ass excuses, just get it done ASAP, I have an important meeting in the afternoon.

She storms off right after.

I mean obviously I’m not going to do what she asked so I shrugged it off and got my warm caffeinated lover. Also I know one issue to bring up on why the company is losing young talents so quickly.

The afternoon meeting starts again and we are to meet with a new set of managers from other departments. Lo and behold, CL enters the room muttering something with a director or VP I can’t remember. She looked at me and immediately said

CL: Yeah, that’s the kid who didn’t get my s--t fixed, so I don’t have all the files ready. Why the hell is he here?

I guess the moment she said that, something clicked in her head and she realized I’m not with the company, but rather the people they pay a hefty bill rate for. I explained the situation briefly because I want to get the current day agenda out of the way, and said we can speak with HR after the meeting to clear up the issue. CL sat through the meeting without really saying a single word unless we ask her questions directly regarding her department.

I am certain that she got in a ton of trouble with HR and her supervisors as I didn’t see her for the remaining 3 weeks I was there. All of her department information were handled by a guy who supposedly reports to her.

Tldr: OP gets mistaken for an intern, yelled at, cussed at, by a manager at the company that hired OP’s team.

EDIT: Thank you guys for the FP, I didn't think this would make it. As to the questions in the comments, I'll gladly take it to the PM and reply when I have time!

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Hey OP, the "meta" tag is meant for posts about the subreddit.

Great story, though!

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Sorry about that, I had some trouble uploading so I was selecting whatever options were given. I have removed the tag.

If she acts that way at work, what sort of a person is she to family, friends, etc...?

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You'd be surprised because people often thought that's how they are supposed to act at work. I've have my experiences with C-level executives where they walk out the door, they are very humble and relaxed.

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The first time I met her dad, he told me that to watch out for her and that she was a real princess. I was in the relationship for 2 years and ultimately ended it because I was practically paying for her living expenses.

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This 1% is up from 0.3% in 2015. It's progress, but progress is slow. By the end of the year, China will have increased its solar power output capacity (Thank you /u/NuclearMisogynyist) from ~87.5GW to ~132.5GW in 2017 alone, which is nice.

Who knows what's in store for 2018.

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Also you have to look at total energy usage, 0.3% to 1% may be small for China, but significant for a smaller nation. Also take into consideration of energy consumption growth.

Pizza Hut pizza's...

Pizza is still my favourite thing to eat now (if even only a specific type) but I can only stomach better quality ones these days. As a kid - having my parents say we were going to have Pizza Hut tonight just had me bouncing off the walls with joy! Especially if we were going to have it there which was something we only did a few times a year at best. Nothing in the world was better to me and I absolutely refused to eat pizza from anywhere else.

Then as I grew up it didn't impress me much anymore, it just seemed to get worse and worse which eventually saw me trying out other places until I eventually found one I really liked in my late teens/early 20's. They're more costly than Pizza Hut and don't really have a restaurant to dine in so I just take it home, but after getting used to more "real" pizza's - I just couldn't go back to chain store ones. I tried a Pizza Hut one for the first time in nearly a decade about 10 months ago when visiting some family-friends and I wanted to seem polite enough to have some when they offered me it. It was sickening, I lost my appetite after just two slices even though when given a good pizza I can down the whole thing.

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For me I think it was Pizza Pizza's pizza that I cannot stand. I find their dough and sauce quality has been on a downward slope for my taste buds.

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Honestly, i've never liked raisins as a kid or adult. I always mistook them as chocolates..

Haven't spoken to her for the past 10 years. Things got too awkward as it was a bad breakup. We eventually found our own group of friends that's separate from each other.

Well the problem with this is because the game is based on Ingress. Most (If not all) of the Poke-stops are portals from ingress. And such portals are mainly major attractions, art piece, common areas and such. Yeah you would have say a park that is in the rural region, but is limited to what the coders can do. I feel like more Pokemons would spawn in outside areas as time passes by, and people submit more data to the company.

So smooth...


Hi everyone, I recently started Trove and I'm about 20-30 hours in. So basically I got my first character a Lunar Lancer to Max level, and currently sitting at PL: 450. I got another class coin which I unlocked boomeranger and I was just wondering if I should just max out my boomeranger at level 20 then go back to focus on Lunar Lancer's gears, or should I try to get each class and hit level 20?


Just as the title indicated, how come when I'm looking under my directives for harasser, I don't see gatekeeper as one of them? Sorry if this is a stupid question and/or it's been asked before.


None of the new ES AV weapons have been included and I believe having read that this will stay that way. Probably because you could aurax the Harasser directive with gunning only.

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Thanks! I just figured because recently I aurax the Vulcan I should move on to another weapon, but couldn't find the GK on the list. Guess I'll aurax the marauder next then.


Assuming this is a real life all out war, I'm just wondering how many deaths as each side has occurred through these years of PS2.

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