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My boyfriend and I are looking for something to do this Friday! Something with lights would be really fun or anything really. We wanted to go somewhere but it was sold out. Thanks!


The 17th is Saturday, so I dunno if you mean that or Friday but, in the case you mean Saturday there's always the Christmas parade downtown in the morning.

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Oh yeah I meant the 16th! My bad

Story or some background usually gives a post more relatability and depth beyond just a picture of a thing. Made even better if it's OC posted by OP, because then your comments actually reach the creator and not just some reposter.

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Thanks! I agree, like someone else said, should we just start captioning things “look” from now on?

My kid is 2

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Ya I got the joke the first time

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Not sure if it’s made with milk!


I have two professors (online) that both have office hours during days that I work. Even if I email a simple question about an assignment, I get no response. I don’t feel like I should take off of work, walk or drive all the way to their office during office hours, and hope they’re not too busy just to ask one question. I am literally copying and pasting their email address from the syllabus so I know it’s the right one. Why bother posting “email me if you have any questions or concerns” if they don’t intend on replying?

Does anyone else have professors like that and if so what the hell

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They aren't required to respond to you, especially if they have 100+ students and they receive tons of emails each day. It's best to talk to them in person if you can. Also, most professors won't bother to answer questions if the answer is in the syllabus or if they already answered it in class.

Also, why do people think the department heads/deans would care or do anything? They are even busier than the professors/instructors and it isn't their job to deal with this.

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They aren’t required but why post in every email they send out and on their syllabus to email them with any questions about the work. My post said they are online classes so in person isn’t always easy. I know lots of people don’t check the syllabus and go straight to email, but sometimes there are questions that go beyond what was given on moodle. If they already answered it in class, then that doesn’t pertain to distance education. I feel like, if you’re not going to respond to distance education students (and some are not in the area at all. I have to travel back home a lot cause of sickness to one of my immediate family members) then why bother taking on a distance ed class?

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I'm a TA and a lot of times I'll forget to respond because I'll read it when it pops up on my phone and think that I'll do it later. You can always email them the same question again. I've never gotten annoyed when students email me a second time. Just make sure you are always putting your class name and section in the title like "ENG 101 - 02 question here".

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That’s a great tip, I always follow whatever structure they want to try to get their attention

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I don’t even know where to begin. Do I start at the lack of working elevators? The “what will break today in my apartment” roulette? The hilarious “lounges”? The extreme price that’s laughable when you think back to how fast the “tour” they give you is so they can quickly get you out of there before you realize? The various computer labs but only 1 printer that 9/10 times doesn’t work?

If money is no object to you- then this is the perfect place! If working a job busting your ass everyday to afford it, only to come home to have to ascend 10 flights of stairs because apparently whoever is pocketing your money is going to see how long they can get away with not paying for the elevators to be fixed, sounds good to you- sign your lease immediately.

The room designs are weird as shit. Oh, my roommate can have a bath within her bedroom but mine is the one across the hall that guests have to use because she can easily shut hers in? And when you leave for a few days everyone will shit in your bathroom cause why shit in their own?

Luckily I had the good room. Her door was busted down and took half the door frame with it. Because of this it doesn’t lock or shut. Her bathroom fan never worked and just a few days ago her bathroom light stopped working. (in Valentine’s defense she is a dumbass and refuses to call maintenance about these problems, but the fact is that these problems exist)

I came home one day to the apartment being flooded (about 0.5 inch thick) because the dishwasher broke. So that was a good time. The appliances are weirdly loud as hell unless you have a Dad that will come in and fix that for you. The laundry closet sweats profusely so there’s mold all up in that.

The bedrooms overall just feel dormy. There’s no closets so everything’s out in the open. There’s also no lights in the bedrooms???

Anyway, these little things add up. I am definitely subleasing the second we hit May

Valentine at its BEST would be decent and an ok apartment complex, but I would never recommend it to anyone. Too much money to feel like you’re just in a dorm.

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omg that’s crazy. I toured today and I see that... ugh! would you recommend anything???

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Honestly I don’t. I guess it depends on if you have a car or not and how far from campus you’d wanna do. I’ve been in Stanhope a few times, it’s nicer than VC but I’ve heard it has problems and not worth it either. Next year I’m planning on renting a house/apartment with a group of people. But I don’t have any suggestions! Sorry

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I love how Vegans think they're lifestyle is "cruelty free"

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Tbh I’ve been vegan for a few years and never once thought that I or any other vegan is “cruelty free”. No one actually thinks that, the only reason that goes around is because it’s just marketing terms, just like “organic” on your meat (even when it technically isn’t). My understand is all vegans know some cruelty is beyond their control to avoid, but you’d be surprised how much of an impact one person makes. Its more of a “reducing the cruelty animals endure” mindset

Not sure if anyone said this yet, but - have you tried a door stopper? Sure it’s a bit of a pain in the ass to remember to always do, but it’s better than getting walked in on all the time. It might not keep the door fully closed if someone tries to enter but get a good one, it’ll probably at least stop them from seeing you fully


Hey guys! I’m about to start 10mg of Prozac for anxiety.

I’m having a lot of anxiety about weight gain. I know it doesn’t happen to everyone but I’m 4’11, 120. I have some muscle, but I’m not super thin. Being so small it’s extremely, EXTREMELY hard to lose weight. It takes me MONTHS to lose 5 pounds, and that’s exercising and eating well. (I’m vegan and taking health and fitness classes for school!)

Is weight gain caused by increased hunger, or because of metabolism slowing down or what? Or is it a mystery? I’m hoping it’s increased hunger because I can regulate that, but if it’s out of my control I’m going to have a hard time with that.


Weight gain is caused when you eat more calories than you expend.

Diet and exercise is the best method.

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But that’s the thing. I’ve heard your metabolism could slow down on it, which would effect how much I “expend”

If anybody suggests Valentine Commons to you, you tell them fuck off right to their face.

$775 a month for a gamble on, “am I gonna be climbing 10 flights of stairs today or will (1 of the 2) elevators work?” Every. Single. Day.

Just make sure if you do decide VC, you can schedule an hour out of everyday because you’ll be calling maintenance on just about everything.

In all seriousness it’s an OK place, but it’s just ok. Way overpriced. If I could go back in time and knock myself out before I signed the lease I would.

Definitely yoga! Not very strenuous at all and there’s lots of meditating/breaks to catch your breath and relax!

I’m currently taking indoor cycling and yoga. Both of these sound intimidating but both of my instructors are amazing, they know people are probably starting from 0 and it’s a gradual process of working our way up. There’s plenty of less fit people in these classes who do just fine, most of them even at the same level of the rest.

For example, today in indoor cycling we did circuit training (first time doing that today) of biking for 3 minutes at our own pace, lunges+push ups for 3 mins, and a sequence of arm weights at whatever weight you’re comfortable with for 3 mins. All of that twice. The class is 50 minutes long but by the time you get started + cool down it’s about 20-25 of moderate - hard work.

Yoga is great, even if you have bad balance it’s not a big deal. We laid on the floor for 5+ minutes today to meditate. It’s a lot of sitting and breathing, same stuff over again and every class you learn maybe two new poses

This may not be the healthiest way, but it can provide relief for the moment as long as you don’t take this into an unhealthy territory.

But for me, obsess over something... find something that will take up your thoughts. A lot of people well tell you focus on yourself, find a hobby you enjoy, go out with friends. But that’s all vague.

You like video games? Play a video game with a heavy storyline. You like art? Put all of your effort into a painting. Whether it’s good or bad, look forward to working on it. You like to write? Write a story. Write a book. Get invested in these other characters of yours.

Just can’t find anything?

Write to them on a notepad. First draft, say everything you want to say. everything.

Later that day, revise it a bit. “Maybe I don’t need to say that...” eventually you’ll be down to almost nothing.

If that doesn’t work, make a “plan”. Now, you’ll have to be very stable and know in the back of your mind you probably won’t do this, but it helps take away that feeling of “ill never talk to this person again” because that can be scary and make you think irrationally. Back to the plan, they break up with you in July. Write the notepad message like I mentioned before, but “plan” on sending it to them, 4 months from now. That’s not that long, right? sigh of relief 4 months go by, you won’t want to send it. But you can’t be the type of person to sit there and count down the days and obsess over it and think they’ll take you back.

Just know you won’t be alone forever. Maybe your wife/husband is going through a breakup right now too, ya never know

First, please do not tell the police, or anyone who would act weird around her if they knew.

Second, I am 100% your wife, too. I don’t know if this is considered “normal” but please do not be creeped out. Will I regret saying that if by some weird chance she’s plotting your demise and getting ready to run off with some random guy (hence the wedding dresses?) Yes, but does it really seem like it? Nah. You’ve given us no reason to believe she’s even cheating on you.

Your wife is probably really embarrassed, please don’t treat her differently or act weird around her. I never used to do this until I started to have really bad anxiety that caused me paranoia. I was never an anxious person but it crept up on me all of the sudden and it is a scary, trapped feeling.

This is 100% a coping mechanism with anxiety. (I’m no doctor, but it’s a coping mechanism for me, so I can assume it is for your wife too)

If I’m planning a serious talk, or really nervous about a weird freak accident scenario that I can feel, I usually set up a mirror and talk to myself as if I’m talking to someone else to make me feel better. It’s kind of like preparation. Going through the motions. “Okay, if this thing happens that I desperately don’t want, I’ll be okay because I know how it feels to say/thing/feel these things”

It is kind of creepy when you’re the person in reference, but I guarantee, she is okay. She’s not creepy or crazy, but may feel like she is, especially if she feels the need to do this. So please don’t make it worse on her. She may be going through something. I’d be extra nice, don’t bring it up. If it keeps happening, then mention it. But in a “Sometimes I hear you talking to yourself, is it something you do because of anxiety? I’m here for you..” yadda yadda


Hey guys, so I’m thinking of transferring to another school for a change of scenery from brickbrickbrickbrickbrickbbrickbrickbrickheylookohnowaitthatsjustadiffertshadeofbrickbrickbrick. So I failed the final in a class last semester I was already on thin on for and got a nice F. No bigs, but my other grades are only deec. C, B, and B. Not stellar lol. I transferred from community college and got all A’s, but that GPA doesn’t doesn’t transfer over obvs.

To get into the school I really want I’d need to at least have a 3.0, preferably 3.5. Is it worth doing a grade exclusion for the failed class and is there a way to see how much it would go up? I’m taking two science classes this semester so my chances of bringing it up drastically with straight A’s this semester is slim to none so I’m scrapping all the points I can get

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Oh they’re really gonna play me like that....

Thank you tho!

That is pretty sick! You have more drawings? Id love to see.

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Thank you! I’ll pm ya my instie

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