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All psychedelics are serotonin agonists.

And in American's case, those sons were then born in time for Vietnam, then the Gulf War, and now Iraq/Afghanistan. It's crazy to think that you could have served in a war if you were born at any point in the 20th century, with 3 of them involving selective service.

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Still whatever is going on in the Middle East for those born in the 21st century as well.

What about WWII? Didn’t that kinda end with a bomb?

this is coming from an anti-gun liberal

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smh anti-bomb libcucks trying to take away my 2A right to nuclear weaponry /s

That would be an extreme yea, but definitely not outside the realm of possibility for an athlete or body builder.

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Outside of extreme athletes or world-class bodybuilders and olympians, nobody is having a TDEE of 6,000 kcal.

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Fake. News.

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Associated Press is fake news?

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Anything that makes them look bad is fake news.

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ain’t that some shit

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My pareidolia experiences consist of seeing eyeballs in and on everything. Especially in the forest, and almost always after smoking a joint on LSD. Every blemish on my friend’s face turns into a new eyeball.

Does anyone else experience this same level of eyeballs in everything? Really weird phenomenon.

I do too. I was wondering the significance of eyes and if there is some underlying symbolic meaning

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Just your brain being fucky

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To demonstrate a made up event? How about investigate the whole Hillary thing with the emails?

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The protest was absolutely meant to get a huge turnout. People have been touting for months this would be a massive protest.

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The trigger occurred a couple months after most people signed up. This could account for the lower than expected turnout.

There is also very low coverage of this. I'm sure by tomorrow morning we'll have more information.

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I live On the East Coast, and I have found a few pscilocybin patches before. It’s not the most common but it can definitely be found in cow shit

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Mind sharing what state?

Just trying to find out if it’s worth it to look into finding them.

Definitely shrooms and lsd. Those drugs aren’t as bad as the others.

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Don’t forget mescaline and DMT.

All four classic psychedelics have extremely high therapeutic indexes, as well as little potential for abuse.

I was going to mention DMT first but I’ve heard that it is very potent and that could be potentially dangerous.

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DMT causes powerful psychedelic effects, but it is much less potent than LSD by almost an order of magnitude (mg vs ug). It is no more dangerous than LSD, mescaline, or psilocybin.

DMT may even be safer than the other three because it more or less immobilizes the user, preventing them from harming themselves or others through delusions.

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Can anyone see this comment?

Edit: thank you

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Your address is burned. Ship elsewhere. If it was a small enough amount that it's personal use (100 tabs, a gram or two of powder) they don't have time to pursue you but might screen more foreign packs coming to this address.

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100 tabs is/can be considered personal use in the US?

Why do they have royalty if they're not a dictatorship?

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The British Empire during World War 2 had (and has) a ceremonial monarchy.

The country is run by a Prime minister and a parliamentary system.

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How would you know they don’t know this?

You wouldn’t.

Yes! Exactly, im always feeling like that haha and I have no idea what to do about it or why it's happening. (I've always been like this but its getting waaay worse in school) It's my biggest problem beacause I can honestly handle everything else but this has been stopping me from enjoying my life for so long.

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Lower your dose

I actually don't take meds. So i have no idea why im like this haha.

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Then get medicated, it will most likely help your situation.

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Very reminiscent of the left calling for punching "Nazis", which, mind you, aren't actual Nazis.

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Comment deleted18 days ago

This poster is not a diss to Christianity, rather pointing out the hypocrisy of someone who simultaneously is Christian and a fervent supporter of Trump.

The Bible (the Jesus part at least, which is the person Christians love to talk about) preaches humility, forgiveness, and love towards your fellow man. Donald Trump preaches hubris, violence, and hatred.

Amphetamine prescription

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Best answer in this thread, considering the safety of amphetamine vs. RC’s.

Amphetamine made my thinking too linear for good creative thinking in my case. However, I did find using marijuana with it really got me going if I smoked right as the amp was starting to taper off.

You get the weird spaciness and ideas while still having the go-go to make a thing.

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Amphetamine and cannabis during the amphetamine peak is also good for creativity. For me, it manifests as this manic 1,000mph burst of creativity, thought, and euphoria.

Kinda like LSD but in a distinctly different way, with a much better functional short-term memory.

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I live in an illegal stage in the US. It was ten times easier to buy weed than alcohol when I was underage(23 now). If you legalized it I would imagine it would have the same effect. Kids would have to get someone of legal age to buy weed for them rather then go to a dealer which is harder to do. I’m not naive I know there would still be some dealers to sell to them but I would imagine it would be a lot harder.

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Living in an illegal state, it was easier for underage me to get LSD than alcohol.

Shrooms are always a bitch to get ahold of though. As soon as someone has them they’re gone

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nah, you know what? I am glad the interpol did something good for humanity today. How can anyone get behind fake cancer medication? thats the mere definition of evil.

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Apparently it’s just RC’s pressed to look like cancer meds for stealth purposes. Could be false, I’m just quoting what that dude said above me.

I get what you're saying here, but eating weed does indeed have an effect. It doesnt have to be cooked. Your digestive system is hot enough to burn the thc. It's just, raw nugs are hard to swallow.

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This is false, completely false. Your digestive system is not hot enough to decarboxylate THCa.

There is a negligible amount of THC already on the nug due to degradation of THCa, however you would have to consume quite a few grams of raw nugs to experience any psychoactive effects.

Syrian Rue, while technically not OTC, is a MAOI.

Why are you looking for a powerful otc MAOI?

Likely to inhibit MAO lol. Sorry had too.

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Most MAOI inhibitors aren’t recreational nor safe.

Just trying to make sure OP doesn’t kill themselves with it.

Oh man, I would ghost her. I feel like a judge would look more kindly on an immediate cutting off of contact as soon as OP found out, over attempts to massage the situation

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However not directly cutting off the girl may save OP the trouble of court in general.

From my experience, most 15-year-olds don’t tell much to their parents. I really doubt OP will go to court unless he majorly pisses her off (or if she’s psycho).

Um she’s pretending to be 19 and having sex with someone who could pay for it over the rest of his life. She doesn’t sound particularly stable.

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Definitely true. I really doubt she’s stable but hoping she is for OP’s sake. Although, when I was 15 I had friends who had sexual relationships and acted emotionally mature.

They just weren’t sleeping with 21 year olds.

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It’s less about the laws considering I smoke everyday in a currently illegal state lol, it’s just availability

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Mushrooms and DMT are able to be created by yourself. For LSD go to the onion fields. Mescaline cacti can be purchased on ebay, completely legally, and made into a tea.

LSA is shitty and not really worth it, unless you plan on smoking weed (but still sucks— anxiety and the worst bodyload of any drug).

If you’re interested in hallucinogens and not specifically psychedelics, DXM is legal and potentially of interest.

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I beg to differ on LSA - it's an interesting psychedelic in its own right, not just because of it's legal status. sure the nausea is terrible but it passes, doing an extraction helps (a little)

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Even after an extraction, it offers all the anxious headspace and nasty bodyload of lysergimides with none of the beautiful visuals.

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