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Vancouver colors will almost certainly match the Canucks. Vancouver is crazy about the Canucks.

Well it's not just that, it's the fact that I believe the organization that owns the Canucks, also own the OWL team

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Ahhh, yeah, for sure then!

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There are no spoilers whatsoever in this post...

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I think we have a different definition of what a spoiler is. I was scrolling Reddit on my phone, and was suddenly looking at a map zooming in on the location of a rare item that I'd rather have found myself through exploring.

I wouldn't want a game to come with a map to all of the rare or hidden objects. Maybe that's just me, though.

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The title reads RARE SHOTGUN LOCATION...

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Yes - and the map showing the location isn't hidden with a spoiler tag and automatically zooms in to show me the location.

Edit: Post is now spoiler tagged. Thanks OP!

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You're going to need a sponsors name before that title.

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Beanie Babies Against Rabies

yes. very. it's worth about 90 keys :/

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Where do you go to trade TW things to people?


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Jimmy could play with technique, and did so a lot in his early years as a studio musician (or check out Radioactive with the Firm), but playing clean scales at great speed was never something he seemed interested in pursuing.

Jimmy transformed the blues and was a rock and roll guy, not a speed metal or electric classical guy.

That person fell like a bounty hunter falls when you pop their horse in RDR2

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That kid fell like Arthur tried to walk his horse around a stump in RDR2

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Reason is a libertarian site. It doesn't align right or left. Your alarmist attitude is as ill-informed as your politics.

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There is no need to turn feedback into ad hominem attacks

The upshot, says Lewis, is that "If you calculate the trend correctly, the warming rate is not worse than we thought – it's very much in line with previous estimates."

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I was asking my 3 year old if he remembered being born then I asked him if he remembered what happened before he was born (because of reddit threads like this and the creepy answers they sometimes give). Without missing a beat or any prompting from me other than the question he goes "I was in a helicopter that go round and round and round then BOOM into the ground!"

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I had a recurring dream when I was little about being in a hospital bed in an army tent when a burning tree fell through the tent, trapping me. I screamed, then was transported to a swimming pool, which was sweet relief. In the dream, I was black (I'm not black when I'm awake).

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maybe you're black when you sleep

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Maybe lol

The silence from the right is the loudest silence ever, and that's why they get tagged as racists, if people ask.

When I was 19, I attended a March for Women's Lives in Washington DC (I lived in the suburbs). It was a cause I supported.

Everything was cool for a while. A bunch of women told me they were really glad I was there, that it was good to see the next generation of guys standing up for what was right. Cool.

Then one of the speakers on stage started shouting absolute hatred toward men. Men are oppressing women. Men are raping women. Men are killing women.

Next thing you know, I'm having coat hangers thrust in my face and I'm getting screamed at. Shit got real crazy real fast. I got out of there, but my backpack didn't. It was not a pretty scene.

Yeah, that’s why I don’t support these groups and I’m a woman. I love the cause they stand up for but more often than not, they want to bash men and belittle innocent ones who are trying to be allies. Sorry you had that experience.

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Much appreciated

Both major parties need to do some soul-searching and figure out who they are. Are Democrats the party of FDR, or Bill Clinton? Are Republicans the party of Reagan or Trump?

The times, they are a-changin'.

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Regan was an FDR Democrat.

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FDR wasn't a trickle-down guy.

If we both feel disconnected, that should be a step in the right direction :)

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Is this more hypocrisy or cognitive-dissonance?

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It's all about what party gives them what they want to make more money. I'd need to see data, but I wonder if the "liberal" base has shifted away from Facebook, and into other forms of social media. I personally find a lot of aspects of Facebook pointless and superficial, at best, but that's not necessarily true for others.

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I'd need to see data

And guess who owns that? :P

What's the deal with Facebook suddenly skewing to the right?

Depends on what you're into. It's a fun little game about running around breaking stuff and causing general mayhem, finding the occasional Easter Egg. Don't expect too much gameplay from it, and you'll enjoy it.

“Essentially, the law requires a 50-year-old IT platform that was designed to do the equivalent of basic math to instead perform something akin to calculus in short order,” Cashour said.

I'm sorry, what? If this is true and not hyperbole, someone needs to be taken outside and slapped a few times.

Don't the scientists understand that errors are supposed to be handled by doubling down on your original statement? What's this "acknowledge" stuff about?

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