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Thanks for putting the RJ45 in there so i knew where it came from

My first sober night was rough, I was sweating like crazy and had the most vivid bad dreams. Last night was better, but not perfect. I’m like you though, only getting a few hours of sleep but I’m still feeling better in the morning than I did when I was drinking.

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Glad to see im not the only one. I sweat throughout my entire bedspread first night second night minor hallucinations from not sleeping enough. The terrors are just anxiety but now night three yeah the temp is there but the sense of pride and accomplishment are better. Night three i feel is the turn around.

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Wait, everyone is missing one MAJOR point, that by the end of the episode Manbearpig WAS real and a serious threat. I thought that was the point, that Gore was eccentric, but he was correct.

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And that grandpa realized his mistakes hurt his family.

in the sense of older generations hurting the newer ones

This is like the default dance emote in the game when it came out and I instantly said that turk at the lip sync contest

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Why thank you.

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Real heroes offer an egg I'm trying times

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see that new Mac dance?

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Looks like a college dorm/apartment decorative lights and fireball

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Past 24 hours:

We had finalized midterm results for most races.

Jeff Sessions fired technically resigned.

Find out new AG definitely is against Mueller probe.

The red line on obstructing Mueller investigation is officially passed and protests planned for today.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta banned from White House.

Mass shooting in California.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg broken ribs.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released weeks early with 200 additional unannounced characters. Humanity is reunited behind the first consensus 11 out of 10 game and a golden age begins.

*Angry mob broke down the door of Tucker Carlson's house and scared the shit out of his wife who was home alone. I don't care what side of the aisle you're on. That is both a shameful and frightening action to take against anyone. Mob justice should never be the rule of law.

*And now Sarah Huckabee Sanders posts obviously doctored video of Jim Acosta incident.

Edit: getting lots of comments asking how Sanders post was doctored. It was sped up on the zoom in by removing frames to make it look like he basically did a violent, fast karate chop on her arm. Basically the opposite of NFL slo-mo replays where the tackles don't seem so bad. Imagine if there where NFL fast-mo. You'd think the players were getting almost killed on every hit.

Edit: Link to altered version of the "karate chop." It's so obviously sped up. I can't believe people are trying to debate that it's not. https://twitter.com/rafaelshimunov/status/1060450557817708544?s=09

edit 7,042: Of all these major stories, the freakin' "karate chop" story is the one with the most talk in the replies to me?! That is basically a side note compared to the other major stories. It's an entertaining story of partisan divide, it shouldn't be the one causing the most discussion.

. . . .make it stop. My brain can only process so many massive stories!

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200 characters and still no waluigi. Wahh

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You can get a SEX WEDGE for about $80....or just order a $20 medical folding bed wedge. Also the Amazon reviews for the medical wedge are a fantastic mix of people praising it for helping with their ailing backs and others gushing about how it’s ramped up their sex lives.

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Get one where you can take the cover off cause its going to need a washing.

I only really care about the illustration. They kept both head models the same but add/remove the facial hair on the white man. But while on the topic can we consider memes the modern form of political cartoons.

Anyone remember that show that predicted evolution far into the future if humans disappeared and there was elephant sized octopuses?

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It had them swinging from trees using their tentacles. Horrifying.

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Thanks! Took advantage of my skin tone. I just really dislike full face masks haha

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my god you are the perfect skin tone. but amazing low effort costume

Who is this

I don't regret my major but I regret not doing anything that would help me find a job in my field. I majored in sociology, wanted to work in criminal justice or something similar. I didn't do any internships, volunteering or anything outside of school. Almost 10 years after I graduated, I'm working in IT because I couldn't find a job in my field, and everyone asks me why I'm working in IT instead of what I actually wanted to do in the first place. Well, if I could get there, I would!

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Sociology and CJ degree too. Im in sales. Turns out the best education i got in college was working at a restaurant. You learn real fast to talk with confidence and be socially not as awkward.

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Or to restore original functionality. In a case like the PS3 Linux fiasco you'd be legally free and clear to hack linux back in.

In fact that's a pretty broad statement that could have some far reaching ramifications. If you don't like the FOTM Xbox dashboard would you be within your rights to, for instance, try to restore snap? It was a pretty heavily advertised feature.

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Could this allow a mod on my slim ps3 to run ps2 games like original fat 60gb ps3?

lsyrr perm. hit the keys to the left of that and type lsyrr perm. that is how you find her

There needs to be an automod that just posts that here for everypost.

I’m fucking hyped. Driving down from NY for my first live NFL game and first time in Baltimore. I’m going with my friend who’s a Saints fan and I’m eating no less than 500 crabcakes

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Make them eat crab cakes as a power move


We won a Super Bowl and the Saints didnt even show up.

So when they come to us maybe let them have a touchdown and be nice.

But just one.

Fuck the steelers!


Srsly tho, these guys are the real MVPs. There is literally no reason to hate them.

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The inly problem i have with them is in my town they are a leech to the town. Its a small down that should at most have a dozen volunteer FF. But cause the town use to be alot bigger more industrial they somehow still have 2 fully staffed Houses over 40 guys. The city next to us is 10 tomes the size about 60 guys. All good people its not their fault its just shitty town.

Isnt this song about rough sex

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