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Although how you feel about games is subjective and I can't say anything about it, I do want to say that you cannot compare sales figures of games that were released in the 90's with games released now and use that as a quality measurement.

Nowadays the video game market is gigantic. It's like saying that Diablo 1 and 2 are worse games than 3 because they sold less, or Command and Conquer or any franchise that started in the 90's/early 2000's. You mention CoD, even the early games that absolutely dominated sales back then are nothing if we compare sales figures of more recent games in the franchise.

ayylmao23ayy 1 point

I know that, but afaik FO1 and 2 weren't that successful back then either

frostsid 1 point

Well the other thing is that video games were not this mainstream phenomenon that we see today. Both Fallout 1 and 2 were praised and considered very good RPGs. It created the solid foundation of what Fallout is today and it had a very considerable fan base.

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Ok, I was looking for a more complete article about what we are hearing. There was a technique during WW1 called Sound Ranging that was used to locate enemy artillery, there's an article about that on the Imperial War Museum website that you can read here. Using the data they have collected they teamed up with Coda to Coda sound designers to recreate what the end of the war sounded to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the armistice.

Sorry, my bad, I got excited when I first read that. I will edit the OP.

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I was talking with my friends there in Brazil last night and it looks terrible :( You need to protect each other as best as you can and as it was said before, if you feel that your safety or your loved ones is at risk, you can try to find refuge somewhere else. I know Portugal as been welcoming people but the system is slowed down due to the high number of requests.

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Ok, here are some in several languages:

Gatorna (Swedish/English)

Anarkismo.net (too many languages to name eheh but english is included)

A las Barricadas (Spanish)

Contra Info (also a lot of languages including english)

A-Infos (again, many languages, english included)

La Haine (Spanish)

Infoshop News (English)

Libcom (English)

Anarchist News (English)

Barcelona Indymedia (Catalan/Spanish) I posted this one because if you look on the left there's a list of other indimedia websites all over the world.

frostsid 3 points

Of the top of my head I remember Indymedia and Contrainfo. I'll give you more when I get home.

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Assassin's Creed 2 for sure. Although I had a lot of fun with other games in the series, and I think Origins is a better game. AC 2 really blew my mind when it came out and it has that special place in my heart.

I do think that the character arch of Elzio is amazing in that game. Probably the best in the entire series, that's why so much people relates to him.

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SmokeyBlazingwood16 2 points

GPS, weather satellites, cell service, etc. If the US wanted to it could shut any of these down.

frostsid 1 point

Other parts of the world use different systems, the US uses GPS, Russia uses GLONASS, the EU uses Galileo and China uses BeiDou. Both Galileo and BeiDou will be fully operational in two years.

US, Russia, Japan, India, EU and China all have their weather satellites.

As for Communication Satellites you have as an example Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES, AsiaSat, Inmarsat, Arabsat, Thaisat and many more that launch and operate their own satellites.

SirToastalot 3 points

Columbia was well after the USSR didn't exist anymore.

frostsid 3 points

I know, I mentioned Columbia because of the statement

America also recovered every astronaut we ever put into space... the same cannot be said for the Russian cosmonauts.

I mentioned that also because the Soyuz was still in use in 2003 when the disaster happened.

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There are a lot of conflicting theories. Some people say he was imprisoned, others say that he was executed a few days after the event. According to some sources there are documents of the Chinese government that state that his whereabouts are unknown.

Some people say also that he escaped to Taiwan.

None of this is confirmed of course.

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Well the first that comes to mind is Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Well and the other books in the series 2034 and 2035.

Where the late sweet birds sang by Kate Wilhelm is also great. Oh and The Passage by Justin Cronin.

EDIT: In case you're not familiar with it check out the Fallout bible by Chris Avellone. Although it's not a novelisation by any means it's still a great source for Fallout lore.

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I said this in some other thread. At least where I live and in places that I'm aware of the political climate, the left wing parties gradually left the streets and became integral part of the state machine. They lost touch with the people and are even complacent with the normalisation of fascism because they don't want to take an active part in fighting fascism in the streets.

This leaves a huge gap that populism can easily fill because they now are the ones with the anti-system speech and the left is part of that system.

I'm not talking about anarchist groups or anything, just my view on why fascism seems to be rising all over.

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