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One to promise a brighter future and the rest to screw it up.

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I'm an engineer who likes to volunteer in my local elections. And as an employee of Broward County, I can volunteer in places that others cannot. Anyone can volunteer to work as a Voter systems Tech (VST), AKA Ballot scanner dude, or a poll worker or a poll watcher, but (tragically?) thanks to the recount, I got to volunteer to be an alternate for the Canvasing board that's in charge of certifying the county's votes, and got to wake up at 5 AM to get to the Supervisors of Elections office at 6 AM this morning to do the hand recount.


Here are a bunch of photos of my adventures. Note phones were strictly forbidden inside the hand recount. So I don't have any pics of the actual counting.

As someone on the ground, in the middle of all this, I'd like to defend SOME OF the actions taken by BC SOE and provide some clear explanations of the insanely illogical conspiracy theories perpetuated by the genuine mistakes taken by some of the volunteers and SOE employees.

Any who... Ask away!

Edit1: as of 5 PM ET, I'm still here, answering slowly. Please be patient. It's just me on a laptop. Whatever happened to that AMA helper lady?

Edit2: as of 6:15 PM ET, I'm eating some dinner. I'll be back. in an hour or less. I promise.

Edit3: as of 6:40 PM ET, I've finished eating and am back live. I'm doing the best I can to answer all questions as thoroughly as possible So please be patient and I'll get to as many as I can as quickly as I can.

Edit4: as of 11:00 PM ET Nov 17th, I will be stopping for the night. Thanks to everyone who asked questions. I hope I answered them to your satisfaction. If I didn't, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I will try to answer as many questions as I can over the next week or so, slowly. I probably won't keep editing every time I hop on and off. Too much of a pain, and I like redditing just as much as you all do.

Also, if any of you really truly believe that there's been nefarious action taken by BC's Supervisor of Elections Office or any other SOE office, I STRONGLY urge you to volunteer yourself as a poll worker or a poll watcher or whatever equivalent is available in your district. If you can't trust anyone besides yourself, then become the trustworthy one and shine a light on any corruption you see.

Goodnight everyone, and please go see my new movie RAMPART!!!


I despise him. If he all of a sudden disappeared I would not care at all. He has never liked me. Even when I would try when we were younger, he'd turn into some screaming, rampaging, dick. He is favorite from my parents because he's autistic. Maybe it's middle child syndrome, but between him and my sister, I feel left out. I really wanted a somewhat brotherly relationship but I guess not. He's 17 and my parents guide him through life. They're paying his drivers training, encouraging him to continue buying transformers (he's 17, been addicted since he was fucking 5), went so far as to give him my old room do he could have more space for transformers that he hoards.

I had to argue with him and my parents about how even though my computer was in my room, that doesn't mean he keeps it.

Anything he does outshines me. I get all A's and B's, he gets d's; and they congratulate him/take him out because he ISN'T FAILING. I get a pat on the back from my dad; who I feel is the only somewhat sane person. My connection with my mom is shit because she accuses me of saying she's a bad mom whenever I say she favorites my brother.

I know so much about him. He likes child porn, he tries to search up creepy bdsm kid shit on google. I know because the only time he fucking talks to me is when he wants me to fix his old WinXP computer or his cracked and crusty samsung. He doesn't use incog.

He's sitting next to me now, picking his nose while I type this.

I fucking hate him. I wouldn't wish death on him, but I wish we were better strangers.

Edit2: Told my parents. And my uncle. reporting soon

Edit3: Out of my hands now. Told someone

Another edit: Some of this was just jealousy. Jealousy of being second to my parents (or feeling so,) jealousy that he seems to be their first concern. I know that's childish and I need to grow up. I just came to vent.

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First and foremost, I’m a guy. I took my girlfriend and her friends out painting last night, followed by some drinks at the bar. My girlfriend is (in my opinion) a very physically attractive woman and gets attention from a lot of guys. I’m pretty secure in our relationship but she has a tendency to be nice to every person that talks to her (God bless her). I learned after the fact a man bought her a few shots for our group, and she brought them over. She gave one to me and one to our friends husband. The night went on until I got really sick. I ran to the bathroom to throw up and decided I needed to get out of there. I called an Uber without consulting her and told her we needed to leave when it arrived. We get back to my place safely thank God. I woke up this morning next to her (she was supposed to go home) but had no memory of what happened the second part of last night. My face was killing me too. I looked in the mirror and my face was so bruised. My nose was swollen. And my lip was busted. I threw up again very painfully before getting in the shower what felt like an hour later. I called my dad who I’m really close with to explain what happened. He was understandably angry and wanted me to report it to the police. We agreed that would be best. I thought God what if this had happened to my girlfriend and I wasn’t there. Or any woman for that matter. I couldn’t idly standby so I found the right number for making a report and called. The operator was so nice and understanding. His voice was calming and assuring. He took some details and said someone would come over.

The officer arrived and just kinda loitered outside my door, asked me “what’s going on?” and seemed very unprofessional. I asked him to come inside since that seemed like the right thing to do, and even then he just stood right on the other side of the door. I’ve never interacted with the police in this context but it was immediately putting me on edge. I am explaining to him what happened and he cut me off to ask “so you got roofied?”. I said I didn’t know for sure, but I feel like I was. He said if I thought that then I should go to a doctor. “We’re not medical professionals, what do you want us to do?” I explained to him I just wanted a record of the incident in case it happened again. He was extremely dismissive, saying “yeah there’s a record of our contact” and “everything’s recorded”. At this point I didn’t want to talk to him anymore given how he treated me and just clammed up with one word answers. He could tell I didn’t want to talk and just turned around to leave.

I feel so stupid after talking to him. I thought I was doing a good thing but he made me feel like an idiot. I’m not a moron, I know they’re not doctors. But when someone calls you to report they were drugged, they’ve got bruises on their face, and they’re clearly scared then maybe be a little more delicate. I don’t want anyone to experience this awful pain and have the people whose job it is to protect us treat them with such indifference. But I would do it again because I wouldn’t want someone to feel alone, wondering if others had gone through the same thing.

If anyone needs to talk about their experience, I’ll always listen with an open heart


Not sure if this is the right subreddit. Sorry for the wall of text, but my head is spinning and I don't know what to do. Let me break down some background first:

My dad is currently dying of liver failure. He's in end-stage, at-home hospice care. We have nurses and social workers that visit every single day in the hospital bed we set up to help care and clean him up. The man is incontinent and can barely move unassisted. He's taking light doses of morphine and Lorazepam so that he can sleep. The consensus seems to be that he'll be lucky to make to Thanksgiving....

My step-mom has a very shady history....she has three dead husbands prior to my dad from whom she collects monthly in the sums of many thousands combined. There was a fourth man after that she got engaged to after a mere 6 months, who died under mysterious circumstances, and she fought to take as many of his valuable possessions from under the noses of his children as she could. (My dad would be the 5th man)

She's euthanized 2 of her own dogs and 1 of her own cats....herself. NOT through any Vet or other official. She is barred from EVERY animal shelter and adoption agency in the STATE as a result.

So with that pre-established pattern in mind....let me bring you to last night.

She brought in a "home-made" tuna fish sandwich to feed my dad, because he barely eats anymore, and it's somewhat of a thrill when he requests something. He was lucid and alert, laughing and joking. In a matter of LESS THAN A MINUTE after devouring half the sandwich, he began to have the most extreme reaction I've ever seen him have: his eyes rolled back, he began to seriously convulse, let out a series of loud groans and moans....his face contorted, and he was completely unresponsive to all outside stimuli - lights, loud voices, touch, you name it. Before I even put two and two together, she's asking him (a little too enthusiastically) "Do you see the light yet??? Do you see all the pretty angels??" (WTF????). He's been in an essentially catatonic state since. Out cold for the past 12 hours. It was a transformation that happened mid-sentence as he was speaking. In tears, I begged him to squeeze my hand if he could hear me, but....no dice. I was truly scared and genuinely thought I was going to lose him right then and there. We called Hospice to send a nurse over (instead of calling 911, which is what we've been instructed to do. They are on staff 24/7). She wasn't sure what the catalyst for this episode was, but she did say that his vitals were okay and that this is a normal part of the dying process, and that if anything, we will be seeing things like this more often, and that it could also possibly be the drugs.

But he's been on them for weeks, at low, very controlled doses, and NOTHING like this has ever happened. I'm just a lay person, but that did NOT seem normal, and it's very suspicious to me that it happened IMMEDIATELY following the food, like flipping a light switch.

Maybe I'm crazy. Maybe i'm reading too much into it. But I managed to wrap up the other half of the sandwhich in plastic wrap, and keep it refridgerated. My first thought is to get it analyzed in some lab somewhere....but....where? Is that even a thing? Do I take it to the police and tell them my suspicions? A hospital?

With him being in the dying stage already, is it even worth pursuing??

Again, if it weren't for this woman's history, I probably wouldn't think anything of it....

Any and all feedback would be much appreciated. I'll do my best to answer any questions as well.


Hello. So I don't know how to process this situation I dealt with today, so I decided to make this long post. I must apologize ahead of time for the length as I try to explain what happened as thoroughly as I can...

I'm currently dating this girl for about 2 years now that I've known for about 4 years in total. We are both from the north east (NYC, me) and happened to attend the same UC school. Our relationship has never been rocky at all, and we pretty much never fight on anything major despite maintaining a long distance relationship. We text and talk regularly but not to the point where it impedes on our work. We're also both chinese americans, we have actually gone to several of the same events in the past before we ever met, we share many mutual friends before we even started dating each other and my dad actually has met her mom as well on a work-business level. I've also had dinner at her home numerous times.

I basically started a new job about 2 months ago and got the go ahead a week and a half ago to take 1 month off from work for the holidays. This worked out well for me since I could come back before christmas, work another week then have another week or two off. I had talked to my girlfriend about visiting her in december, which is why she didn't expect me to show up randomly in november. This is what I do, I like to be spontaneous with visits and I send her gifts and food packages throughout the year. I planned this because classes ends at the end of the month, but her last final is on the 19th. So I could stay a few days then plan to go to thailand or somewhere in Asia with her which is what we talked about.

My girlfriend basically lives very close to campus in a shared amenities suite with 3 other suitemates. 2 of whom had finished already and left prior to finals week. I talked to her other suitemate who let me upstairs. I'm pretty sure she did't know either. I planned this out a few days ahead of time.

I took a flight this morning from NYC to San Jose, then took a train north to surprise her. I met with her suite-mate who's cool and I've met before (let's call her Crystal) who had been studying the entire day for her finals. I got lunch with Crystal at a popular cafe near her home and she gave me her key-card too get inside her building and her front door key to get access to her apartment. I took an uber to their place and I opened the door discreetly to see if anyone was home. I knocked quietly on my girlfriends door to see if anyone was home. I got no response so I opened the door quietly and the room was dim since the lights were off. That's when I their silhouettes...

So I turned on her lights and I saw that my girlfriend was in bed with another guy. I didn't know who he was, I'd never met him before. I couldn't believe it. My girlfriend had woken up at this point and was erratic at the sight out me. Which in turn woke up the other guy in her bed. She's partially naked and the guy has his shirt off, and she's apologizing to frantically. Her room smells of sex. The guys also good looking. pretty big, he's Caucasian, fairly tall, probably 6'3 and around 200+lbs, well built. He also has his boxers on. My girlfriend was partially naked, she had her underwear on. At this point I was still in shock, trying to process this situation. I was angry, shocked, lackluster and sad. I stormed out of her apartment immediately. Got my suitcase and ended up walking to her apartment complex' community center where I called Crystal emotionally and got called another uber right away to her location where she was studying near the cafe. I tried not the break down emotionally, and I basically explained everything to Crystal, who was as shocked as I was. She didn't know who the other guy was either or that he was in their apartment as she wasn't at home the entire day.

At this point I'm not entirely sure what to do. This all happened not but a few hours ago. In the meantime, my girlfriend has tried to send me a multitude of texts and calls. She's sent me over 30 texts through cell, facebook messenger, whatsapp, and snapchat and has tried to facetime me and called me 6 times as well. She's saying thing's like she's so sorry, and never meant for this to happen and that she didn't expect me to be in Cali and to please call her back and answer her calls. She's also called and texted Crystal several times as well, of whom I told her not to answer under the pretense that she had to study the entire day. I don't know if Crystal is gonna tell her that she knows but I imagine that my girlfriend must of have known I met up with Crystal prior since there was no other way I could get inside their building and into her suite. I feel bad for dragging her into this.

Crystal offered to drive me, but I declined as I didn't want to impede on her studies. So I took a train back to San jose and I'm staying with a friend who goes to school in Santa Clara now and I want to head back to NYC as soon as possible to be with my family this thanksgiving. I'm scrapping my plans to go to asia and I'm trying to justify and make an excuse to my boss as to why I'm going back to work so early.

TL:DR : In a LDR, took off from work and I flew from NYC to California to try to surprise my girlfriend of about 2 years on finals week. Found her in bed with another man. I'm assuming he's also a student as well. I left immediately, and she's frantic, and has been blowing up my phone nonstop. I also dragged her suitemate/roommate into this mess as well. Now I'm in Santa Clara staying with a friend for the time being and I'm trying to find a Red Eye Flight back to NYC or NJ as soon as possible. I'm really tired so I might do it tomorrow instead. Still don't know what to do about my girlfriend and if I should call or text her back or not. Quite frankly, I love her very much but I don't know if I can see or talk to her again.

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I was born in 1972. Granted I was young, I was aware of what was being said about the president when I was 5-9 years old and what I remember was that President Carter was really berated a lot. There are times when I was 5-6 years old and the Billy Beer thing was always being joked about and then, more seriously, I remember the Iran Hostage crisis and the heaps of criticism piled on Carter.

The thing is, in my adult life, former President Carter has been an absolute boss. He has successfully negotiated the release of hostages in hostile foreign lands and he is a strong, if not the strongest, proponent for helping third world countries when disaster strikes.

Why was he so persecuted in the press and in most homes back in the late 70's when he is now the most active and effective (not even arguably) ex-president for foreign affairs after leaving office?


These kids had a lonnnnggg history of dine and dashing, they bragged about it on social media. The manager, being experienced in the restaurant industry, had reason to believe they were going to dine and dash. She asked politely for payment prior to serving them, (which, by the way, a lot of places do this as standard practice, it’s nothing new) they refused. She asked for ID, they refused and called her a racist, filmed it and got her fired from her job.

She didn’t suspect them because they were black, her prior experience in the field made her believe that they may dine and dash and tried to get payment before hand to stop this risk, however, they had the intention of being shitheads before they walked in, so decided to get her fired for trying to do her job. She was fired because she was white, and had a disagreement with people who aren’t white, but because of race-baiting, she’s lost her job.

The outrage on social media at these Chipotle employees makes me even more angry, when I see the same people who are crying out oppression and racism against these employees, are the same people who found locking a white family out of a Taco Bell because “they tried to come in an house before closing time”.

Reddit is left leaning by nature so I’ll get people calling me a racist, but I really don’t care. I’m no racist, I’m just speaking my mind against vile race baiters who are using their race card for their own selfish and anti-white motives, and I believe this is only damaging against real racial issues like police brutality for example.

Race baiting in this way is counterproductive because, you get people like myself voicing their concerns, but you also get white people, who see this sort of stuff going on, and they get angry, and then, they resent black people for it, and then the resentment becomes two ways. This is in short why the world is becoming more and more divided. And yes, I’m mainly blaming this on the minority of POC on twitter who race-bait, hate whites for no other reason than the colour of their skin, and stir up shit like this against people who have done nothing wrong, simply because they are white.

And the worst part? They won’t face consequences. They’ll pull the same stunt again, and if you try and stop them, you’re automatically a racist.

This shit needs to stop before white/black hate becomes even more common than it already is. It really upsets me that I’ve been brought up to treat all as equals, and I see everywhere that that rule only applies to white people, case in point, Chipotle vs Taco Bell.


black people with a history of dine and dashing, race bait a white manager of Chipotle, make her look like a racist, she gets fired, even though she did nothing wrong.


Vote with your wallet, if you hate what valve are doing with artifact and how it's monetized. Do NOT buy the game, wait until change their stance. If you pre-ordered it you can still refund, there's still time. If anything, a cancelled preordered speaks even louder to the discontent of the community.

Or you can just blindly buy it and endorse this kind of behaviour from a company that should know better. The company that gave us Dota 2.

Edit: I didn’t complain about the 20 dollars, it’s that i have to pay a dollar (or more in keepers) each time i play expert.

Can you buy the game and not spend any money? Well here’s the thing. You can’t gain packs from playing casual at all. Here are the ways to get cards, pay 2 dollars for a card pack, pay for cards on the market, or play expert. But everytime you play expert you have to spend a ticket which is a dollar (2 tickets plus 5 packs cost in keepers draft) to have a chance of getting packs. If you win 3 games you get a ticket back, if you win 4 you get 1 pack, win 5 you get 2 packs. But here’s the catch, you can ONLY LOSE 2 TIMES. And you’re sure to lose quit a bit, this is a complicated game, every time you win you face a harder opponent. You have to do this 5 times without losing 2. How much money do you think you’re going to have to spend, it’s not like you can go play draft casual or in lobbies either. So to that i say, good luck playing the game without spending money.


This table came in today to watch a football game. They are like KINGS. Apps, entrees with extra sides, beers, cocktails, desserts. They racked up a $200 charge between 4 people.

They ask to cash out, and they pay with card. They tell me they’re going to sit for a while and watch some of the hockey game coming up. I pick up the receipts, and, low and behold, $0 tip on $213 charge. They even had the audacity to put “thanks!” On the bottom of the receipt.

Little while passes, one of the ladies knocks a glass off the table. No biggie. Clean it up and move on. 5 minutes later, another glass. 5 minutes after that, another glass. The manager comes over and they’re all drunk, they apologize and tell him it won’t happen again.

A short time later, one of the guys gets up and just spews his guts out everywhere. He stands still and throws up all over the floor and the neighboring table (that didn’t have anyone at it). His friends get up and pat his back, and say “come on, get it all out.” And he throws up on the flood & table a few more times.

The manager comes back and asks why he couldn’t have ran to the bathroom or outside between vomiting, and the table can’t even understand the question. They’re so confused as to why it’s not acceptable to just stand still and throw up all over whatever is in front of you. The manager tells them they need to leave and not ever come back, not only for the $0 tip, but for being extremely careless and knocking glasses off everywhere, and the vomit situation.

They start arguing with the manager about why he’s kicking them out for something the guy couldn’t control (although I don’t believe that, he could’ve at least made an attempt to go to the bathroom/outside), and they’re yelling and screaming. This is going on as I speak.

Were we justified in doing this? I 100% support my manager’s decision, those people were assholes.


He’s been viciously critical of her in the past but now seems to be supporting her run for speaker of the house. Why the sudden change of heart? Is he worried about a different challenger or is something else going on?



As the title says my wife had a miscarriage and I’m trying to figure out cute little things to help her. This is affecting me a lot as well before anyone asks, we were not planning on a pregnancy so this caught us by surprise.

Tl;dr Basically I want some suggestions on some small and cutesy things to do for the wife and how you guys coped and helped her with the healing.

Edit : wow thank you all for coming through, I wasn’t expecting this large of response. I put my phone down for bed and woke up to all these messages of support and guidance thank you!


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