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The wife and I purchased this semi just over a year ago. The homeowner did A LOT of reno's himself and did a lot of shotty work. The basement had a very cheap laminate floor that had a bubble or buckled up in one spot since we purchased the house.

Now that we have settled in we decided to tackle removing the floor and putting tile instead. When I removed the floor where it was buckled up I found that the cement is cracked, had lifted and was basically a pile of rubble underneath. Yhe crack is close to a corner of the house and near where the basement meets a dugout crawl space. There is no other damage otherwise from what I can tell but a lot of the floor still have to be removed. Is this serious or is it as simple as breaking the concrete and filling it in and leveling it off? We would like to tile the basement because me and my father in law can install it ourselves.

I have pictures but need to figure out how to upload them. Thanks!


Part 1

I don't even know where to start with this.

Yesterday was July for me.

And if that's not fucked up enough already, things got worse after I met up with Kenzie in the library.

I used the time as best as I could to ask her what was going on, but she didn't have a lot of answers.

"I've been so fuckin' scared Jade! First it was you and then Beth the next month. I was sure that I was going to be next or one of the other girls," she told me.

"I don't understand. I don't remember anything that happened to me," I said.

"No one ever does. Beth wanted to tell you before it happened... but they are always listening in. Even now, it won't be long before they take you back for another session."

That was enough to get my heart racing and my brain spinning at a hundred miles an hour.

"I'm not even supposed to be here this long! My dad probably thinks I've been committed... or worse!! I need to get out of here!!" I said grabbing her arm.

"Jade!! Listen to me! You need to calm down!! Act normal," my friend told me as she whispered between gritted teeth.

A few of the orderlies were glancing over toward me and noticing the disturbance I was causing, but I couldn't help myself.

"I thought this place was going to help me get better. What the fuck are they really doing here?"

But Kenzie didn't have the answer for that. None of us did. I tried my best to use the internet to find a way to contact my family. I figured a website like this one might be considered safe, but I don't even know if my posts are going through.

Dad, if you're out there I'm still alive please come find me.

That was the last thing I got to type before my session logged out and the orderlies told me that Doctor DeSade wanted to see me.

I didn't waste a moment thinking, I reacted. I lashed out at the men, scratching at their arms and running from the library like a wild animal.

I heard Kenzie yell for me not to fight, but I was already half way down the hall trying to find an exit.

I stumbled toward one of the windows that was barely creaked open to get some fresh air and pushed my thin body through to the other side. I was probably thirty feet above the courtyard. I counted to three and leapt to the ground.

I remember my body hitting the stones near the bubbling pond. I remember the nurses coming to find me and shouting to get an IV started.

Then I was awake in a room darker than the one I had been in before. I felt around and realized that I was lying in a bed at the very least. There were a few other amenities so I knew they hadn't locked me back in the room with the mirror. I even smelled warm food in front of me, but something about the whole setup made me feel physically disgusted.

The light flicked on as I struggled to sit up and I saw Doctor Marcus standing there holding a clipboard.

"Jade... I'm glad to see you didn't hurt yourself," he said with a soft smile.

Again I reacted and tossed the tray toward the doctor, yelling at his face. "Just what the fuck are you doing to me?? I swear as soon as I get out of here I'm going to report you to the Better Business Bureau, to CPS. Fuck I will call the FBI on your ass!!"

Marcus shielded himself as I kept spitting and two orderlies rushed in to hold me down and give me another sedative. They counted backwards from 19. My world went dark again right as the second man said 13.

I think I was out for another few hours, disoriented and feeling thirsty; Doctor DeSade was sitting alongside me, his hand against my knee.

"Get the fuck off of me!" I screamed. I couldn’t move. Then I realized my hands and feet were strapped down.

The doctor removed his hand and wrote something down again, making me more infuriated than before.

"What the hell are you writing down??" I asked him.

"I was making a note of your progress. A few hours ago you still had visible scarring from your fall, and now it appears to have healed completely," he said.

I looked down at my skinny arms and realized he was right.

"What... what did you do to me?" I asked.

"Jade... this is going to be hard for you to believe, but we are here to help you," Marcus said.

"And I'm supposed to believe that? You had me practically kidnapped!!" I screamed.

"Your father signed a medical waiver when he first admitted you here, we are acting within the rights of the law," the doctor countered.

"There can't possibly be anything legal about keeping me locked up for three months!!"

"Do you feel like you were deprived food or water? All your needs were met to the best of our ability," Marcus said.

"I literally pissed myself. Doesn't sound healthy to me," I countered.

"To be fair you were given the opportunity to clean up... you simply didn't take it."

I calmed down for a short moment as he stood up and added, "That first session is always the hardest. But as time goes on, you'll grow used to it's power over you."

"What the fuck is that thing...?" I whispered as he prepared to leave. My mind was racing again, realizing that he fully intended for me to eventually go back to the mirror room.

"I wish I had the answer to that one, my dear. But one thing is for certain, the only reason you're still alive is because of it," DeSade answered.

I shivered uncontrollably for the rest of the night, trying to figure a way out of this mess.

During the night the nurses would stop by and check my vitals keeping me awake anyway.

One man in particular, a tall brown haired orderly: was coming by more often than most to take my blood pressure.

"What's your problem?" I asked when he stopped by about 2 in the morning.

He reached into his pocket and took out a pen before scribbling something on his left palm.

"Just following procedures," he replied as he leaned close and showed me the words he had scrawled quickly on his hand.


My eyes widened in confusion as he started to do my blood pressure again and wrote something else quickly, showing me at an angle where I assume cameras couldn't see him.


It was a warning.

But I had no idea why this Stranger was helping me or how I was going to get out.

Then it struck me as to what I could do when breakfast arrived. They came by to undo my arms, to give me access to my utensils. Now all I needed was to loosen my feet.

I hated to use the very disorder that got me here in the first place, but my options were limited. I started to eat the food as fast as I could when the nurses left the room.

My body has grown accustomed to self-starvation, so I knew what this was going to do to me. Sure enough, less than twenty minutes after eating I felt the urge to vomit.

I started throwing up all over myself as the orderlies rushed in to help me bend over the bed and let my leg straps loose for a moment. My mysterious contact was one of them and he motioned toward his back pocket.

Inbetween vomiting I could see his phone sticking out of his scrubs.

In that split second I smashed the food tray against the first one's head and got out of the bed, using the IV pole as a defensive weapon to move out of the room before either of them could stand up. I used the pole to knock my helper unconscious and grabbed his smart phone from his pocket.

I knew I didn't have much time. I was going to find my friends and get out of this mad house. I tried to dial 911 but kept getting a bad connection. Why the fuck had he given me the phone if I couldn't even use it??

I hobbled along with the pole as the orderlies rushed to try and stop me.

When I got to the first set of emergency exits, I slammed the doors shut and started to rip the IV from my arm. Blood dripped out onto the white tile as I wedged the IV pole inbetween the door to keep them from following me and then I moved toward the commons.

It was hard enough walking around half naked in a hospital gown, now a trail of blood was making it easy for anyone to follow me.

I turned the corner into the commons and froze as I saw Regina and three nurses beginning a search for me. Kenzie was standing there, shivering and afraid as they grilled her for information.

I was about to move again when I felt a sharp prick to my neck.

That was probably about two hours ago, they've moved me to another isolation unit.

I guess they didn't check me cause I still have the orderlies phone. For some reason it's working now. Either they are getting sloppy, or they think that my cry for help won't get heard. I'm actually hoping it may be because he is trying to help.

But I know one thing for sure. They also moved the mirror into my room.

I can't help but to feel uncomfortable in its presence now. There's something... unnatural about it. Some unworldly force watching me.

I've tested my theory less than twenty minutes ago by trying to take a picture of the mirror. I'm going to save battery life and try again when it gets darker.

So far though, all the images are coming up blank.



Mankind had finally gone into space. Not just the Moon, or Mars, but Space, beyond the heliosphere. Deep space. They had developed FTL travel, and soared out into the universe. After centuries, mankind was reaching out to find out if they were truly alone in the galaxy. They stopped at all the local spots, Alpha Centauri, Bernard's Star, Wolf 359.

There were planets and asteroid belts with microbes aplenty. On a planet orbiting Ross 248, they found a wonderful low gravity jungle world, where the trees were nearly a thousand feet tall, and the plants had leaves as big as houses. They flew ever father into space. Desolate rocks, scrubby deserts, ice balls and oceans, every possible morphology of planet was found. Plants and animals from the beautiful to the nightmarish were cataloged. Every planet within a thousand light years of Earth was visited, explored, and indexed. Colonies sprung up on many. Some became vacation worlds, where 1000 foot tall trees held zip lines and rappelling ropes. Others became mining outposts, providing the raw materials needed to expand Mankind's foothold into the galaxy. Where once men had waged wars, now, there was peace. There was no sense fighting over land or resources, when the galaxy had 100s of worlds waiting to be populated, and countless more waiting to be farmed or mined for gas or ore.

FLT travel became trivially common, as did FTL communication. The introduction of auto-factories and nano-tech saw the end of scarcity in the Terran Alliance. Once a thing had been programmed into a computer, it could be replicated anywhere Mankind traveled. Whole ships could be built, atom by atom if necessary, using microscopic robots. Energy was abundant once planetary core tap technology was perfected. For thousands of years, Mankind spread out across every system, to learn, to harvest, to live. Science was able to truly advance, as niche fields were able to perform research without having to get a sponsorship from a college or government. Artists no longer had to struggle to make their art, as supplies and tools were readily and freely available. Culture explored ever widening facets of human nature. It was a golden age for mankind. Art, entertainment, scientific discoveries, education were all available to anyone interested.

But for all the advances that Mankind had made, there was still something that was missing. Still we were alone. Life abounded in the universe, but so far, none of it had been intelligent. Finally, we decided that we would raise up our oldest companions, to join us as sophonts. We began to raise ever more intelligent breeds of animals. Not just cats and dogs, but chimps and cephalopods. Others were attempted, but those four seemed to bear the most fruit. Octopuses were given the ability to survive out of water for longer periods of time, though they were clearly more comfortable in it. Many were excellent technicians, as their problem solving abilities were only enhanced by the genetic manipulations. Chimps became adept at many of the same things as humans, though they generally had a knack for arts over sciences. Cats were excellent teachers, and many pursued philosophy. Dogs were, as always, the greatest accomplishment of Mankind. Though they still walked on all fours, their front paws now ended in short fingers and a thumb. When sitting they were able to manipulate things just like a human. They never really were good at any one thing. Like humans, they had a wide variety of interest. They also loved us. The Dogs were constant companions to humans. Unlike Cats or Chimps who usually only went to space when they had to, and Octos, who preferred it due to its resemblance to underwater environments, Dogs generally did what their packs did. Miners, artists, spacers, Dogs did it all. Humans lived with Octos, Cats, Dogs, and Chimps as equals.

With the advent of the Offspring races, mankind changed. No longer was a family the basic unit of humanity. Now a collective of up to 5 species was the order of the day. Pack or clan, family or hunt, it didn't matter what you called it. Some were composed of only one of the Offspring races. Cats and Octos tended to form single race collectives the majority of the time, while Dogs and Chimps tended to belong to mixed groups, although none were exclusionary. Humans happily cohabitated with all of the Offspring races. On many of the more developed worlds it was common to see homes built that had features such as in house tanks for the Octos, as well as ropes and platforms for Chimps and Cats. Dogs unsurprisingly required no such adjustments to the home, but furniture became more interesting.

The 5 Races spread across even more of the galaxy. Everywhere they went, they went together. The Offspring races were masters of their own fates as much as humans were. They sometimes struck out on their own, always contributing their findings to the collective store of knowledge. When Cats found a water world, they would let their Octo friends know. When Dogs discovered a jungle world, Chimps were invited to emigrate. As time went on, the achievements of Mankind dwindled. Soon The 5 Races were achieving great things. New fields of science were discovered, new forms of art, made possible by new technologies.


No one really noticed it when it started, but at some point, humans started to dwindle. Not due to disease or war, or for any one particular reason. Over the course of thousands of years, their numbers fell. After spreading The 5 Races across the entire galactic arm, the Human Race was dying out. One day, there was only a single human left. An elderly woman named Santha, she was close to 240 years old when she died. She was surrounded by her family. She had gone to earth when she turned 230, wanting to live out her last days on the cradle planet of mankind. She had a clan that consisted of three Dogs, two Cats, an Octo, and a Chimp. They were themselves all over 100 years old. Shortly before she died, she called them over, and said "I am so proud to have had you as my family. My children. Remember the history of my kind, the good and the bad. Remember that your differences make you stronger together than you will ever be apart. Remember that when we found no one amongst the stars, we pulled you along, so we would not be alone. Remember that, and if you ever find anyone out there, remember us to them, and be their friends. It is terrible to be alone, and Mankind has you all to thank for keeping us, being the company we so desperately needed. I love you all."

Santha closed her eyes a short time later, and never opened them again.


Nearly 2000 years later, The 5 Races made contact with the first intelligent life not from Earth. They resembled giant koalas with panda bear coloring. When introducing themselves, a Dog, Cat, Chimp, and Octo representative met with the Jellok Envoy. They had sorted out the language barrier, and made friendly contact, and The Jellok finally asked "When will I meet a representative of the 5th Race?"

The Dog Ambassador replied "We are all representatives of the 5th Race, xir. They searched for others to share the galaxy with, and when they found no one, they raised us up, to stand beside them. They are gone now, but each of us carries them in our hearts. They wished for us to deliver a message to you, if we ever found you."

"What message is that?" asked the Envoy.

"You are not alone."

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