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As some of you know, this subreddit's name comes from the short story "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs. Now in this book 3 wishes are granted to the owners of the monkeys paw, and the paw ALWAYS grants those wishes to the letter. He doesn't add anything, and he doesn't take anything away. He just takes advantage of wording or realistic circumstance and screws them over that way.

This is what this subreddit is supposed to be. People taking advantage of wording and circumstance to screw people over in their wishes, and not to add something to make it bad. Also, if the wisher words his wish extremely well, kudos to him if he can outsmart the paw.

Here's an example.

Wish: I wish to never be dirty again.

-Wording exploitation: Granted. You will never have dirty thoughts or sexy times again.

-Circumstance exploitation: Granted. You are now wearing a hazmat suit on you that you will never be able to remove. But hey, at least you're clean.

-Wrong answer: Granted. You are now always sick.

What's important to see here is that the wording exploitation took advantage of a term that can be used in two ways. So if you're granting definitely look out for those!

For the circumstance exploitation it should be noted that, that which it added was added to fulfill the wish. It wasn't just a mindless screwing over of the wisher.

The reason why the wrong granting is wrong, is because it adds an effect that isn't needed to be able to fulfill the wish, it's just added to be "mean".

TL:DR When granting wishes, don't add something the wisher didn't ask for, unless it's a way to grant that which they DID ask for.

Happy granting folks!

Edit: I probably didn't make this clear enough. I'm NOT calling for a "legal" answer system to be implemented. Humour is subjective after all, and there probably are some scenarios in which "also you now have incurable aids and die" is funny. The reason I made this was just to clarify for relatively new people what the sub's intention is. By all means keep posting what you want to post, but this is what the majority (now minority) of people expect when entering the sub. Jokes are jokes, as long as it makes people laugh (that can even be yourself), we're gucci.


I just want to see the world burn

Edit: wow my first true "rip inbox" is about tormenting chronically ill children...


Effectively making everything 100 times cheaper. But this doesn't affect anyone else I make transactions with, so if something costs $100 I can just pay a dollar and keep my $99, but they still somehow magically get $100 from my one dollar. No one but me will ever realize I can do this no matter how conspicuous I am with my spending, and it doesn't cause any noticeable inflation or suspicion.

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Do you ever wish for things without thinking through them first? Do you ever struggle with finding the downsides of your hopes and dreams? Well, whatever the case may be TheMonkeysPaw is at your service!

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