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Did you grow up watching wrestling on television? I can't say I did, but even then I could still name a ton of the colorful personalities of this 'sport'. Now Hearthstone already is filled with its own unique colorful personalities, both some original and those taken from Warcraft, and now its diving into it full tilt with Rastakhan's Rumble, the upcoming expansion to end off the Year of the Raven, newly announced this Friday at Blizzcon.

It will be releasing on December 4th, a month from today.

We don't really know that much about it so far, so keep an eye out on the HearthPwn Guide and the main r/Hearthstone subreddit for details as they unfold.

Meanwhile, feel free to discuss them both here and in our Discord server. We recently opened a channel there just to discuss the new expansion! Come and join in! Make some predictions! Get to know some of your fellow custom card designers!

For r/customHearthstone, obviously what we care the most about is new mechanics, card types, and themes, so join us in another of our Drunken Talks, our series of occasional moderator-driven discussion topics, and let's dive right into the fun stuff!


Well you guys have been pouncing all over the new Overkill mechanic, which was revealed via Sul'thraze, a warrior 6-mana 4/4 weapon that functions very similar to Fool's Bane, getting extra attacks whenever you kill a character and deal more damage than is required.

The initial announcement didn't quite clarify all the details over it, and we've seen quite a few cards assume that the mechanic triggers even on your opponent's turn. HOWEVER!

Per the official website, there is an image of the tooltip box and that specifically states:

"Overkill: Deal excess damage on your turn for a bonus."

Keep that 'on your turn' aspect in mind when considering overstatted minions, custom card designers!

I've not confirmed the following details, so if someone can point to some sources for it (or debunk it), please note it in the comments. In the meantime, consider these unconfirmed and do play around with these 'facts' when designing:

  • You can overkill heroes, it's not just minions. Not sure of the benefit in this outside of some joke designs attempted, but I'm sure you'll all surprise us there.
  • If a card with Overkill targets multiple minions and overkills multiple of those, it triggers overkill for each minion that was overkilled.


We actually haven't seen a lot of these posted in the last few days, either you guys are waiting for another example besides the Spirit of the Shark and Spirit of the Bat, or this just doesn't interest you all a whole bunch.

We've seen two revealed so far, the Rogue (Shark) and Warlock (Bat) ones. The key things about these is that they're meant to synergize with the expansion's class themes, they have Stealth for 1 turn, they're meant for the early game, they have an Aura effect, and they're always rare cards.

The two revealed have 0/3 stats, so maybe all of them do, but I don't recall if this was confirmed. Again, someone feel free to chime in on this in the comments. Spirits essentially function almost like class-specific totems, without the totem tribe.

The main thing of interest is that instead of using the "Battlecry: Gain Stealth until your next turn." wording that has been used in the recent past, they've simplified the wording to just "Stealth for 1 turn."

This opens potentially design of "Stealth for X turns." and of course, like with the default Stealth, this way of doing Stealth will work with effects that pull a minion from your hand or deck, whereas the battlecry option did not, and it was a style of Stealth mechanism they seemed to be moving towards.

Loa/Troll Champions

The Loa and Troll Champions are the two respective class legendaries of this expansion. We've had two Loa (Paladin/Warlock) and one Troll Champion (Mage) revealed so far. We also know that one of the champions will be a hero card, similar to past expansions with Hagatha and Dr Boom.

It's not been revealed who will get the hero card, but it's most likely priest with Princess Talanji, the daughter of Rastakhan. Hunter with Zul'jin could be an alternative, but also a lot less likely given Talanji's relation. Confirmed via u/joshburnsy in comment below that it is Hunter's Zul'jin getting the hero card.

I'm going to be a bit lazy and just link to HearthPwn's Guide again, as there's a detail section on the Loa and Troll champions, if you want to look through the class themes.

So far we've seen a few Loa designs posted, let's see what you guys can come up for them and also for the Troll Champions! Let's also see cards that fit with the class designated themes! Remember everyone, Blizzard wants us to know that Warlocks are the bad guys! ;-)


Edit: Also a reminder to use the new 'Rumble' flair to highlight cards that are meant to be made for use with the new expansion or that use some of the new mechanics from it!

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Welcome back! The Weekly Design Competition #205: Copy-Paste is sadly taking its leave, but we're ready to announce a winner! Once again the competition was fierce, but our esteemed winner is u/Martin-Arts with the card Magic Mirror! Let's also mention u/ggzwoman and u/krysto2012 for taking second and third place!

Weekly Competition

This week's competition is about Non-Rogue Stealth Minions. Many cool cards have been revealed from the upcoming expansion Rastakhan's Rumble, and we're finally getting Stealth in all classes in the form of Spirits. In short, design a Stealth minion that isn't for Rogue. This also means it can't be Neutral (Rogues get nothing).

A few notes: Your card doesn't have to be a spirit, but you're free to use the new "Stealth for x turn(s)" wording. Your minion must be a "Stealth minion" and not a "Stealth Synergy Minion" like Shadow Sensei and Master of Disguise. It can however be a Stealth minion with Stealth synergy. Good luck!

How do I participate?

When this competition thread unlocks (around noon EST on Monday), you can submit your card as a comment to this post below. The card must be in image form, following the rules and theme of the contest. During then, you can also browse other entries and upvote the ones you like. Winners are featured in the next Top Cards of the Week post, awarded with an awesome flair, and get to pick the theme for the following week's contest!


  • This post will be open for submissions and voting around noon EST on Monday.

  • You may only submit ONE entry per competition.

  • All submissions must be posted in an image format.

  • You have until Saturday to post your entries and vote on the ones you like.

  • You may not submit cards that you have posted to this subreddit from over a week ago.

  • Do not downvote submissions. If they break any rules, please report it instead.

  • Any further questions about the theme or the weekly design competition though can be directed to us via modemail.

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