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hahaha what a funny meme. Wouldn’t it also be funny if you gave her my info.

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Same. Wouldn't that be a funny joke.

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I'm laughing just thinking about how funny that would be.

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Only thing funnier would be if my info was sent instead

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Imagine how funny it would be if both of our info was sent? Haha

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hahahaha good joke !remindme 48h

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!remindme 47h

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haha nice one friend

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Hahaha wtf is wrong with you people?

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Wouldn't it be funny if you gave me your info?

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Nice try, Nigerian prince

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Nice try, but I am actually the shadow that stands next to your bed and stares at you with my eye holes every night :)

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Thanks, usually I’d be a little nervous getting to sleep but having you on look out really makes me feel secure.

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No problem, I'm just happy to eat what is remaining of your rotten soul as soon as you close your eyes. Glad it makes you feel secure.

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Please don’t, I don’t want to give you food poising from the depression...

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ATTENTION all elderly grandmas! Nigerian Prince is in real trouble and he needs your help to hold onto his excess inheritance. Now to do this he's gonna need your credit card number, the three numbers on the back, and the expiration month and year. But you've gotta be quick, so that Nigerian Prince can get his money into the hands of someone trustworthy!

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You forgot the god bless you and other jesus references.

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I played along with one of these once because I was attempting online dating and desperate. I knew it was BS from the start but I was also bored. Long story short they try to get you to send a picture of your junk. Then they find your social media account and blackmail you with the picture you sent them.

Edit: To clarify, I assume that is what they were going to do with the picture, because I've heard of that general catfishing scam before. I noped out when "she" asked for them.

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That's my fetish though

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Depends, rule 1 and 2?

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"Now go clean my kitchen"

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"Clean your kitchen shirtless?"

"... No"

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"With a gag in my mouth?"

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Just clean the fucking kitchen and leave!

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leave and go to the bedroom?

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No leave and get out of my house!

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Okay, I’ll wait for you at my place.

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i bet she is cumming uncontrollably thanks to that.

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ugh fine

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You know what? Yes.

Goes to bedroom

Closes the door

Turns off the lights

Lights a candle

Lays on bed beside you

Whispers “do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?”

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do i get tied to a cross?

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Damn there are a lot of subs in the comments

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Lotta subs in this sub

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I mean do you expect reddit fellas to be alpha?

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We're all Tri Lamdas here. Watch it bro.

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Oh you right

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This is the kind of response he will think about before falling asleep for the rest of his life. Always wondering how his life could have went differently if just said yes.

Hf dude.

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Yes, always wondering what would have happened had he just said yes to the spambot, bet a lot of sleep will be lost.

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What the fuck is up with your name?

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You're one to talk

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You think he fucks his uncles or just people who happen to be uncles?

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No my own uncles, I'm just into older guys and they have been very willing since I was 4

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Yes officer this comment right here

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He’s an uncle fucking fucker uncle fucker

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Shut your fucking face, uncle fucker.

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He's an uncle-fucker, I must say.

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Yeah you're one to talk

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As opposed to?

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South Park

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I am shocked that you are the first person to actually give the correct answer to this.

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Maybe it's a South Park reference?

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I'm pretty darn sure it's a bot.

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ahem "yes mistress"

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*Yes mistress

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He would have a quick nut then block her because he wasn’t horny anymore

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No it's not lol. She sounds like and absolute freak.

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But at least he could make an epic maymay

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Tbh this is kinda me irl. I'm just not into that stuff :/

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For real. If a real girl asked me to do that stuff I'd say no too.

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What about a fake girl?

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For sure! I'm only a sub for robots.

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Well yeah, that's why people ask. Presumably the guys who message me on dating sites offering various sex acts and fetishes aren't expecting every woman to be into their thing, but someone out there will be.

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I can play around online and pretend and all. But I'm not super serious about it and irl it wouldnt be my thing.

Hell in a dude and I say "yes daddy" as a joke.

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Joining the NO patrol! Fuck that shit!

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I’m gettin more of a slave vibe from this than a sex slave vibe. More of a clean the kitchen than a clean my feet, ya know?

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Sounds hot tbf

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As part of the thot patrol, this is not r/absolutelynotme_irl at all for me

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A Loyal Patrolman

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Paper money says that's a dude looking for dirty chatting.

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holy shit is that kik? its been so long lol

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What app is this

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Why do I know that girl? <~<

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What’s her number?? Asking for me bitch

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    (Shirley Bennett voice) Oh, that's nice.

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    Why can't this happen to me?

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    Step 1: be attractive

    Step 2: don't be unattractive

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    so i have 2 questions and one request

    1- is this a real girl or a bot or a catfish?

    2- "submissive male" as in just the sexual way or just someone she wants to exploit for money?

    the request- give her my number please

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    Lol that sounds sketchy as hell

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    An experienced mistress knows that she doesn’t ask, she orders

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    That was my second guess

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    I mean.. sure!

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    Are you people me?

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    Girl from r/rolereversal here, 10/10 meme

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    u have a kink?

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    I bet she rox dee’s nuts ahhhhh got him

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    Oh yo I want that NO And boy did I wish my gf actually bosses me around, I’m as submissive as a sheep.

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    Yes mistress

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    Yall some weird motherfuckers.

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    What if they intentionally made the monopoly logo like that so you can use it in this awesome way?

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    If you cant tell this is a pun Im assuming you didnt even look at the post.

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    It was a pun about the post...

    Also what even is that felicia sub for?

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    well fuck I have a new reaction image