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Posted byder Grumpt7 days ago
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The winner of the Seventh iteration of this contest was /u/smacksviolence with a guess of November 7th. Got it exactly right!!

That means, once again given the reality Show "You're Out" aspect of life in the Whitehouse and in Washington DC, it's time for all BOLArinas to get in on the fun. So everybody, regardless of political affiliation, can now play the next round in the Trump game of musical chairs!

Pick one senior figure and the date they leave, and the first person whose pick loses their job or quits wins! Winner gets a no-expenses paid trip to Ken Ham's Ark Encounter "theme park" in beautiful Williamstown, KY, courtesy of our prior winner /u/smacksviolence. In addition the winner will get other fabulous prizes and flair of their choice.*

Major RULE: Only put a name as a top level post if you're the first person to suggest them. Otherwise reply to that post with other dates. This will make it easier to see who has been picked and when. If you start a new top level post on someone who already has been picked then your pick doesn't count. Try for a week's separation between picks of the same person.

This is not the place to brigade or attack the President or defend him, merely to guess who will be the next to depart to "spend more time with their family/join an ashram."

Prior Winners:

Death Pool VII: /u/smacksviolence with Jeff Sessions (TO THE DAY!)

Death Pool VI: /u/frequentScarcity with Nikki Haley

Death Pool V: /u/ZodiacalFury with Don McGahan

Death Pool IV: /u/cyph8 with Scott Pruitt

Death Pool III: /u/tanjasimone with Ronny Jackson

Death Pool II: /u/available_username2 with David Shulkin (TO THE DAY!)

Death Pool I: /u/greyscales with Joseph diGenova

\Prizes do not exist and would not be fabulous if they did, flair will probably be by mod choice, void where prohibited.)

Posted byAbsolutely slays it in awesomeness5 days ago
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Hi BOLArinas!

As many of you know, it was suggested by users of both r/legaladvice and r/BestOfLegalAdvice that we should consider reinstating the rule that posts should be 12 hours old, rather than the 6 that we have tried for a while now. Here is the thread for those who haven't seen it:


We have decided this is best for both subreddits.

We will be implementing this starting Monday, Nov 12 @ 08:00 EST. All links posted here after this time must be at least 12 hours old or locked by the subreddit mods.

It is important to keep in mind we are, ultimately, a meta sub for r/legaladvice. While we have our own distinct, remarkable community, we are also still their neighbors. We need to be sure we are good ones, lest someone get the idea to implement some particularly ruthless HOA. Reinstating the 12-hour rule might be disappointing to some, and we really do understand. We hope you can understand why we feel this is necessary. I will do my best to explain the two main reasons, and we will leave this post open for questions.

First: the legaladvice posts that get posted here tend to also hit the front page of reddit. The recent algorithm changes to reddit have caused legaladvice posts to hit the front page of reddit more often, and stay there longer. The traffic and use patterns reflect this, a lot. Several people have played around with math and their observations, and while we don't have statistically significant proofs, it seems that these more popular posts,on average hit FP a couple hours after being posted, tend to still be there at the 6h mark, falling (mostly) off by 10-12h. So we would rather not cause even more traffic to legaladvice while those posts are still high on the front page of reddit.

The second reason is that when we reduced the time from 12 to 6, both r/legaladvice and r/BestOfLegalAdvice were smaller. Much smaller. It was easier to detect and manage users who participate in legaladvice posts found through BOLA links. Now, both communities are so much larger the use changes that came with the front page posts increasing so much warrants a response by us to mitigate the work LA has to do. Discussion between mods of both subs resulted in us feeling that giving LA posters 12 hours allows their users to have adequate time to see and answer the legal questions, and we are giving them enough of a buffer that BOLA will not affect voting patterns that could confound the correct advice being properly highlighted. And, yes - it makes it easier for us all to detect brigading.

We have also made a much-reqested update to locationbot to assist as well. Now LB will post a sticky comment with the original text of the OP, along with a reminder to not participate in the posted thread. Huge thank-you to u/ianp and u/thepatman for their work in negotiating with with our bot overlords. They will be making some minor adjustments in the near future, but should not affect much.

There are also a few other tangental issues in discussion and suggestions for resolving them. One common one comes from allowing locked threads to be posted here, regardless of time. This often causes a problem with the LA posters who were causing the problems that got the thread locked who then immediately come to BOLA and continue the, err, "debate". While we absolutely allow for spirited discourse, it occasionally goes way over the line and cause problems for us. We do not want to end up just locking our thread; we are aware that we do sometimes, which nobody wants. The suggestion to resolve this was removing the locked exception. We decided against this for now, but ask all of your help in using the report button for inappropriate comments instead of engaging with them.

Again, we will leave this thread open for questions, and will do our best to answer. We are also always happy to answer questions and take suggestions, and we do use these when we review the rules. We felt this was one to consider further, and after some discussion, found that it makes sense to try. Again, we know some people will be less than thrilled, but we really need to focus on how to best consociate with legaladvice without causing an adverse impact on them or the people who turn to them for advice. While this place will never run out of popcorn-worthy fodder, we do need to bear in mind that hundreds of people turn to LA for help every day, with less spectacular sounding but real and serious questions. We do not want to impair their ability to find the help they need.


BOLA mod team.

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